Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Last Round Of Books For 2016

I wonder what 2017 will bring in the way of books. I love reading but with Christmas around the corner I don't plan on starting a new book until the new year. Well, that's my plan anyway but I already feel the call of a new unknown story. I love reading and love giving books as gifts.

2016 was a great year for books and the last few days have been very entertaining.


Sound & Vision by John Riordan: Love music? Love illustration? Want to know more about some of the best musicians ever to record— from Bowie and the Beastie Boys to The Strokes and St Vincent? Then Sound and Vision is for you.
ISBN-10: 190931398X 
ISBN-13: 978-1909313989
Hardcover: 160 pages 
Publisher: Dog n Bone (October 4, 2016) 
Language: English 

Love music? Love illustration? Want to know more about some of the best musicians ever to record—from Bowie and the Beastie Boys to The Smiths and St. Vincent? Then Sound and Vision is for you.

Featuring 100 of the coolest artists from the last five decades, Sound and Vision reveals the influencers and tastemakers who have helped to shape the contemporary music scene. Award-winning illustrator and comic artist John Riordan profiles cult musicians from genres including punk, indie, alternative, hip-hop, and electronic music. Not only does John create amazing illustrations, he also outlines key works from the artists and provides engaging trivia to accompany each entry. Enlightening, often amusing, and always stunning to look at, Sound and Vision is a unique blend of the aesthetic and the acoustic and is an essential addition to any music fan’s collection.

The 411:

This music trivia book is so good. I love the cartoons of all the artists and band but also some of the most interesting tidbits of some of music's trailblazers.

Cool Cats and Fashion Felines Over 50 Catwalk Kitties and Style Icons by Rus Hudda
ISBN: 9781911026051
Category:Cartoons & comic strips
Publication Date:01-10-2016
Publisher:Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd
Country of origin:United Kingdom

Featuring a plethora of pussies, puns, and pet-a-porter, Cool Cats and Fashion Felines is a stylish yet surreal culture clash between cats and high fashion.

What happens when you cross the world of high fashion with the lives of our favorite pets? When two of the most popular areas of the internet age collide, Cool Cats and Fashion Felines is the brilliantly silly result.

With over 50 of the fashion world’s most iconic designers, models, and brands Cat Moss, Vicpawria and David Beckat, Tomcat Ford, Furberry, Cindy Clawford, David Meowie, Meowrio Testino, and more this collection of absurdly wonderful illustrations is guaranteed to elicit purrs of delight from anyone who loves their cat as much as they do the latest collections from Alexander MeowQueen or Yves Saint Clawrent.

The 411:

Cats and the fashion world go together. They love grooming themselves, looking beautiful and are graceful so it only makes sense that cats would be used as caricatures for huge names in the fashion world. 



Can You Believe It?: A hilarious collection of over 300 twisted facts to make your toes curl by Caroline West and Mark Latter

ISBN-10: 1909313920 ISBN/13: 978-1909313927
Hardcover: 128 pages 
Publisher: Dog n Bone (August 11, 2016)

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 7.3 inches

Try and get your head around this brilliant collection of over 300 mind-blowing facts.

• Did you know that you’re more likely to die in an accident while building a sandcastle than you are from a shark bite?

• Or that a decapitated cockroach can survive without food until it eventually starves to death?

• If that's not enough to pique your interest, how about the fact that the average human sheds enough dead skin in their lifetime to fill 18 sugar bags.

We're sure your lives are already enriched by these weird and wonderful facts, but what if we were to offer you over 300 more? Well, we've done just that and you have in your hand a collection of some of the funniest, grimmest, grossest, grimiest, bizarre, disgusting, outrageous, and outstanding nuggets of information on the planet. Each one will have you scratching your head in disbelief and laughing out loud at the randomness of it all. So if you've never heard of Miracle Mike, the chicken that survived for 18 months despite not having a head, then read this book immediately!

I loved this book. It was fun to read all these bits of information with some interesting and some so odd and strange like these.

 I read this at lunch in a noisy lunch room. It was perfect for throwing in my bag and reading these during doctor waiting room visits, etc. The layout makes it easy to read and put away for the next time you have some down time.  You will find yourself re-reading and reading some of them aloud to whoever happens to be around. 


The Secret Life of Lilykins by Max Goodman

Print Length: 26 pages
Publisher: Max Goodman; 1 edition (September 10, 2016)
Publication Date: September 10, 2016
Language: English

On the surface, Lilykins lives the life of a typical house cat. But Lilykins has another life - a secret life - that transports her to a world of incredible adventures.
"The Secret Life of Lilykins" is a story filled with animals, adventure and absurdity. But at its core, it’s a story about the power of imagination.&
The book about a pet kitty who goes by many names but mostly Lilykins is about imagination. If you ever had a cat you know that they seem to always been sleeping, preening, or staring off into their own world so it isn't a big stretch to think that they could be imagining themselves as a queen, a secret agent, a superhero or swimming under the sea.

Cute book for reading aloud with kids or for those who can read independently. 

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