Monday, November 17, 2014

Save some time for yourself by keeping your kids busy

Undoubtedly, the easiest way known for keeping the kids busy is with television. This, however, is not the healthiest way to find some time for yourself without worrying about your little ones. There are many other techniques you can use which will be fun for your kids, as much as the watching of television. So, leave the remote control and plan some new interesting activities for your children in which you can even participate yourself, if you like. You will see than finding some free time for yourself is not such a complicated task as you thought.

Surprising your kids with new games and various projects will be very good for them, as well as for you. You know them better than anyone else and, therefore, you know what they would like and enjoy most. From DIY projects to simpler things like drawing and coloring, you can come up with a lot of ideas that you can later share with your kids.

Between your regular job, the cares for your family, along with the cleaning and all other chores which you have to perform at home, a couple of minutes of silence and sitting on the couch can be a real heaven. Well, you can have all that and more, if you take into consideration the ideas which we will give you.

·         Cleaning of their rooms – Cleaning might not be the most fun activity but will certainly help you and your children in many aspects. On one hand, when you ask your kids to tidy their rooms themselves you will teach them to be more responsible. On the other, this way they will help you with the thorough maintaining and cleaning of the house. You can ask your little ones to organise their toys, arrange their books and do other similar tasks which are not too complicated. The cleaning will keep them busy for at least a couple of hours, which will give you enough time to relax or do something for yourself.

·         Painting with fingers – This will become one of the favourite games of your kids. Even though things can become a little messy, just leave your children to have fun and worry about the cleaning later. Provide your little ones with a big piece of paper and some washable paint and let them enjoy the game. If you don't want to deal with cleaning later, there is another idea you can try. You can put parts of the different paints in a zip-zop bag and let your kids play with it without making a mess.

·         Building a fort at home – Building a fort is something that can be done also at home. All you have to do is give to your children as many pillows and blankets you can find and let them get creative. Your little ones will really enjoy this and you will have enough time to prepare the dinner or do something else you want.

·          Creating a collage – A great idea is to give to your children the chance to create alone a beautiful collage with photos, pictures from magazines and other things they like. Just give them a large piece of paper and some glue and let them work while you take care of some errands.

·         Play with food – Creating bracelets, necklaces and other interesting things from Froot Loops or other similar cereal is one of the most popular ways to keep the kids occupied at home. Except making things, you can also ask your kids to separate the pieces by colour in different piles or use them to create interesting pictures. They can glue the Froot Loops on a piece of paper in various shapes which you can later put on your fridge or other visible place.

The article is written thanks to Gardeners Mates London

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