Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Enjoy Summer With The Garfield Show! On DVD Today


It’s one adventure after another as Garfield and his pals look for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, try to save their favorite pizza place and morph into superheroes! Then hold on and get ready for one wild ride as they visit Cheese World, a cheese-lover’s theme park! But will Jon rain on the summer fun when he enrolls Garfield in an extreme education program to become a “normal” cat? Not if Garfield can help it!

The 411 by Goddess:
Well, I gave this to Goddess to review because she is our resident Garfield fan and has a nice little collection of Garfield DVDs courtesy of Vivendi Entertainment

"I LOVE Garfield and Odie he is sooooo cute.  What I love more than anything is the colors! They are so bright." 

Perfect Pizza - "I love pizza too. Garfield likes pizza even though it wasn't good. He ate it anyway because he eats everything. Garfield was picky for the first time because he likes real pizza made with love!"

Lucky Charm- "Garfield and Odie see a rainbow. I love rainbows. Odie wants to get to the end of the rainbow and finds the pot of gold but a leprechaun wants it back so he promises to give them good luck. Garfield's good luck doesn't seem like good luck when all his family moves in with him.  He is funny painting one of his friends black so that a black cat could walk in front of him to lose some bad luck."

Extreme Housebreaking - "I've seen this one before. It is funny because John thinks he can train Garfield to be a good cat. I feel bad when Garfield is put in a cage to be like Kittykins, he looks so sad.  Kittykins is really Garfield's friend George and when Garfield finds out he decides to show everyone how the training program doesn't work."

Mailman Blues - "Garfield is mean to mailman. They never want to bring the mail to his house.  Bothering mailmen is one of Garfield's favorite things. HA...it was funny when the Mailman went up in the air. My brother was laughing hard. We thought we were going to pee our pants. My favorite part was the little chihuahuas."

It's a Cheese World - "I love this one. The mice are so cute. They all talk funny and have funny voices. They want Garfield to take them to Cheese Land.  Kittykiins (George) is back and works at the park to keep all cats out.  He can't keep Garfield out."  Cheese Land gets eaten by the mice."

Super Me - "Garfield and his friend watch a super hero show about Ultra Powerful Guy.  Garfield won't share his snacks with his little cute friend. His cute friend is able to get pizza because he is so super cute. Garfield decides to be a super hero. It is funny that people just carry food in their cars to give the super cute cat. I can't remember super cute cat's name."

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy of the DVD to facilitate this review.

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