Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Maria's Eye Candy Section

So I was thinking; it is time for me to search out my idea of eye candy. Sounds like fun to me and really this is "my space." Eye candy can be anything from some hot dude or a Cinnabon. Let's see how it goes....I may have to can this idea if it becomes a friggin chore. first selection for eye candy is and has been at the top of my list for some time now. He exudes sex appeal, strength, humor, ............................ uhhhhhh ummmm

Mr. George Clooney.

Now I am not talking the George Clooney of The Facts of Life, Roseanne or even E/R (which I only watched one time). I am talking George after the grey temples. I am talking of the George from Dusk till Dawn, One Fine Day, Batman and Robin, Ocean's Eleven or Twelve, etc..

George while be all man has a boyish charm that I find adorable. I love his deep dark eyes and his strong chin. He seems like a fun person who enjoys life and when interviewed seems very comfortable in his skin. Got to love that about a person!

The only turn-off for me would be if the George/Terri Hatcher thing is serious. Yuck!

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