Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dead Idol Walking - Lisa Tucker

Mandisa, Chris, Kelli, Taylor and Paris
Elliott, Ace, Katherine, Lisa, Bucky
So the bottom three are Lisa, Ace and Katherine. WHAT???? Katherine?
I am utterly shocked. My husband says he will boycott if she leaves.
Ryan sends Ace back to safety.
Lisa Tucker is leaving!
I figured that it would be Lisa when I saw Kelli was safe.
Lisa sings another bad version of a really great song. Paris is streaming tears and credits roll right.
Ahh…time to watch Lost.

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  1. We were literally on the edge of our seats when Katharine made it to the bottom three. If she had been the one to go - I probably would have thrown up right there on my chair. This was another perfect example of Bucky looking like he knew that he should have been the one to GO!


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