Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AI - Song's of the 21st Century

I didn’t have time to type up my notes last night so here is the summary of last night’s A.I.

We are down to 10. The evening started with rocky. I am not sure what is up with song choices because the contestants were able to choose any song of the 21st Century. That is a lot of songs folks. 6 whole years of tunes to choose from and I have to say I was a bit disappointed.

Lisa started with Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. I was psyched to hear her sing this. I made myself comfy in my nursing chair with my notebook on top of my daughter while she nursed and dozed. I was completely disappointed. I love the raw emotion of Kelly Clarkson’s voice. She sings this song and it means something. Lisa singing it well…a bit boring. There was no gruff, no emotion and no rawness.

Randy – It was just a’right.
Paula – We all know you can sing your butt off but when you take a song like that, that is so popular you have to put a twist on it so it is not compared to the original.
Simon – The song was too big for your voice. There were parts that were painful. It didn’t work.

Kelli sang Suds in the bucket. She had a whole reason as to why this song was chosen but I was too bored to actually write down what she was saying. After hearing it I just thought “Bye Kelli.” I am so tired of her! If you read my first entry she was my girl but she talks too much and I think she looks a bit mechanical when she is singing. She should have tried out for Nashville Star she may have done better over there. The last winner was basically like Kelli to me (mechanical and bored).

Randy – I like the fact that you returned to country but the song didn’t show enough of you.
Paula – It didn’t show your range
Simon – There are thousands of songs to chose from.

Ace sang Train’s Drop of Jupiter. This is such a good song. I love Ace but had to laugh over his fingering his chest scar when he sang the line “permanent scar” in the song. That Ace! So deep, so mesmerizing, so weird! Then there was the salivating Paula asking if that was a real scar he pointed to as if he would place a fake one there just so he could point to it while singing. Why not hang a small planet from his crotch so that he could point to it while singing “drops of Jupiter in her hair”. She really is a freak! “Oh you will have to tell me how you got the scar sometime.” Step back women, you could be his mother and aren’t you in enough trouble with Idol?

Randy – Wrong song for you and you didn’t sing it well.
Paula – You have chosen better
Simon – Chance to prove you are as good as other artists out there. It was quite karaoke.

Taylor sang Trouble. I don’t know this song but I would honestly listen to Taylor sing the friggin phone book. I just dig his cool sound. I have nothing else to say other than he is awesome.
Randy – It wasn’t the best for me for you
Paula – I think it is nice to see you stand behind a mic stand and just sing.
Simon – I thought it was an excellent vocal.

Mandisa sang some song that I never head of. This chick rocks! I love the talk-up before the song got started. She sounded great.

Randy - You can sing. You are one of the best in this competition
Paula - There is a new religion and 40 million people have joined the church of Mandisa
Simon - A bit indulgent.

Chris sang Creed’s What If. This is by far on my top 10 list of best albums. Holy crap! Scott Strapp who? He sang it! This could not have been pulled off by any of the other contestants in this Idol or any other Idol.

Randy – Not my favorite. You were sharp. Not your best.
Paula – I am one of your biggest fans.
Simon – Indulgent

Katherine sang Christina Aguilera’s Voice Within. Not being a fan of this type of music I don’t know the song. I think it started weak but Katherine has a great voice and made up for that. I thought she was a bit sharp at times but the judges happened to love her.

Randy – Although it was a good song choice there was nothing new.
Paula – You were at your best
Simon – The best tonight. Almost as good as Christina.

Bucky sang Real Good Man. My husband and I disagreed on his performance. I liked it and my husband hated it. I may have loved it because Tim McGraw is hot as hell or because I just love the song but whatever. I thought he did fairly well. Bucky did ok by me.

Randy – Right song for you.
Paula – Familiar for you.
Simon – It was ok, unimpressive.

Paris sang Beyonce’s Work it Out. While not a fan of this music I am a fan of Beyonce. The girl is hot and I love watching her dance. I thought it was cool that Paris was sporting the long Beyonce’ hair.

Randy – That was fearless. It was the bomb.
Paula – You wanted to be a kid, those were not kid moves. (doesn’t make sense out of context – but Paris had explained that she was doing the song because she is 17 and wanted to just be a kid and sing a fun, hip song or something jazz like that)
Simon – Precocious. Reminded me of a little girl pretending to be Beyonce.

Elliott sang I Gavin DeGraw’s I Don’t Want to Be. I was excited to hear that then it started. My husband and I like Elliott but didn’t like his rendition of the song. He looked winded and my husband asked if he was trying to be Eminem (hubby is not an Em fan like me). The judges loved it.

Randy – This boy can sing.
Paula – Lost herself and couldn’t stop screaming “Yeah”. Simon at one point tried to grab her arm to make her sit down but she was losing her ever lovin’ mind.
Simon – Good song, bouncing hideous.

My pick to go home…would be Kelli.
If I was voting and I don’t, it would be for Chris

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