Sunday, March 12, 2006

Maria's Eye Candy - Spotlights Maurice Benard

I wanted to do a weekly eye candy post and I am a bit late but here it goes.
My second selection for Maria's Eye Candy is Mr. Maurice Benard.
If you are a daytime fan you will know that this is General Hospital's mob boss with a heart Sonny Corinthos.

Maurice is a tiny guy only about 5'9" the only turn off for me. I like big men; go figure I am all of 4'11 3/4.

As Sonny; Maurice is dark, and brooding. His dimples and deep, dark eyes make him extremely sexy.

Maurice was on All My Children, played Ricky Ricardo in Lucy and Desi: "Before the Laughter" and has been on GH since 1993.

Maurice is hot. His acting has earned him tons of Lead Actor nods and an Emmy. As Sonny he is smoldering. I would chance a bullet for him anytime.

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