Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Peer - Pressure is REAL. How to Say No - Even if its Family

Jennifer Ritchie 'the parent whisperer’ best-selling author, and  Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) spent more than a decade helping countless parents navigate parenthood and health challenges, including nursing, postpartum, illness, mental state, and overall PARENTHOOD. 

Ritchie has worked with many new moms including a-list celebrities as an on-location consultant and is known worldwide for her educated expertise for new moms.
Mom’s around the world are reaching out to Ritchie to get her insight on one thing all parents are dealing with right, the weight of the pandemic, COVID-19 and all the struggles that are coming with it.
As parents, we all want what’s best for our children, and ultimately that should be to keep them safe. But really, WHY is It harder than it sounds? And why it’s OK to say NO. 
  • Don’t Buy into the Telephone Game. ‘Orders’ during the pandemic are ever-changing, and confusing for anyone. Keeping up with all the press conferences and CDC guidelines is not easy. It’s really becoming a game of telephone, from one friend to another who missed the conference. At the end of the day, make your own executive decision for you and your family and do your own research if needed.
  • Dealing with friend/family barriers. With the upcoming election, there are already barriers and eggshell walks when views are different in your friend/family groups, add a pandemic to it. Not every parent is doing the same thing right now. Some parents are getting kids back into school, some parents are homeschooling. Some parents are still practicing strict social distancing, and some parents are keeping their kids home. All decisions being made have the best intentions, but if you do not agree with another parent and their choices, that’s OK. 
  • Covid Peer-pressure is a thing. There are many parents being peer-pressured to do what they are not comfortable doing right now. New mom’s especially, it’s OK to stay home in your bubble, enjoy the time with your family, do not feel pressured to expose you and your family to anything if you do not feel comfortable, Its’ OK to SAY NO.
  • Getting a Cold Is OK. Right now, everyone that coughs, sneezes or has an unexpected runny nose seems to get banned. Kids get runny noses all the time. This is their way of building an immune system. We cannot add more stress to our lives thinking the worst, the more positivity we have during the circumstances the more better chance we have to stay strong through it all. Try not to overreact as that affects everyone around you. Now is best to get yourself and your family healthy, so put all the extra love you can into living a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Take Advantage of a Quiet Holiday Season. This is the one year that you actually have an excuse to get out of family functions during the holidays, so take advantage. Everyone will still be there, when you decide to make decisions in your own time.
As parents for our children, stay safe, stay smart, and know it’s OK to just say NO.

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