Wednesday, October 28, 2020

5 Tips to Celebrate an Occasion in Style

Photo by Marisa Morton on Unsplash

If your friend or family member is about to celebrate a special occasion in 2020, it can be incredibly difficult to choose an exciting and memorable way to celebrate with them and to make them feel special. If you are struggling to organize a kids birthday or a family anniversary, here are some top tips that will help you to celebrate any special occasion in style. 


One of the simplest actions that you can take to make the special day different from any other is to decorate your home or the place where the celebration is going to take place. Decorations do not have to be difficult or expensive, however, and homemade décor such as banners and bunting is just as heartfelt as the confetti and balloons you may be planning to shop for at your local supermarket. You may also consider personalizing the décor with a message or their names, or combining décor and a gift in one by filling the space with flowers. 

Create a special cake

No occasion is a celebration without cake or another sweet treat. However, rather than simply pop to your nearest supermarket or cake shop, you should consider making the cake in question stand out by investing in special cake stencils for your loved one. You can either bake a homemade cake or simply add flair to one that you have bought previously. At Confection Couture Stencils, they offer a range of cake stencils for party planning, including Halloween, Christmas, and even Art Deco patterns. 

Choose the perfect gift 

At the heart of most occasions is the practice of gift-giving, and although not the most important touch on this list, giving the perfect gift can make your loved ones feel special and can show that you are thinking of them. Some of the best presents include those that relate to their hobbies and interests or that are personalized with their name or a feature that is specific to them. You might also pair this with a card within which you can write an encouraging message for them to keep forever. 

Organize a small gathering

The most important aspect of celebrations, however, is enjoying them with your loved ones, and so you should try to arrange a gathering of any size with all of their- or your- family and friends. You can even organize a gathering in 2020 through digital platforms such as Zoom or Hangouts, which can allow you to feel like you are all in the same room together.

Dress up

Not many people feel like celebrating without first getting dolled up. Whether you decide to arrange fancy dress, or simply decide to opt for top hat and tails, dressing up can instantly help you to get into the party spirit and can allow you to separate the occasion from daily life. You should also take as many pictures as possible of you and your loved ones in their fancy get-up as a way to preserve the special occasion for the future and to remind you all of a wonderful time that you spend together.

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