Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Little Dancer: A Children's Book Inspired by Edgar Degas

One of Degas's most celebrated works comes to life in this vibrantly illustrated story of the young ballerina who inspired the artist.

Degas's ballerina paintings are well known and admired and his sculptural work Little Dancer Aged Fourteen--the only sculpture he exhibited in his lifetime--is particularly beloved for capturing the essence of a ballerina. This book tells the fictional story of a young girl who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. Jeanne auditions at the Opera Garnier and moves with her mother, a laundress, to Montmartre where life becomes consumed by rehearsals and classes. One day she meets Mr. D, an artist who asks Jeanne to be his model. As Mr. D works on his sculpture, Jeanne prepares tirelessly for an important performance. The book culminates with Jeanne triumphing at the Opera--and Mr. D completing his sculpture with her help. Olivier Desvaux's gorgeous illustrations, which recall Degas paintings, bring readers into Jeanne's world--the studio where she spends her days, the tiny apartment where she sleeps with her mother, and Mr. D's atelier, where he preserves her story forever. Readers will learn about the life of a young dancer in 19th-century Paris, and at the end of the book they will learn even more about one Degas's most intriguing works.

The 411:

The illustrations really make this book special. My daughter loved looking at the pictures and was interested in the fact that was a real story about a real work of art. She was so interested that she looked up more information on the sculpture which is featured in the back of the book.  I love anything that makes my kids research further. 

I loved this fictional story that was created for this work of art.  What little girl wouldn't want to read about a struggling mother and supporting her little girls love of dance to become a work of art forever captured by a famous artist? 

This is a great way to introduce art to your child. The book is large enough for family reading, the pictures stunning and the information in the back of the book has everything you need to know about the artist and writer. 

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