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Twilight the Movie with Bek and Ree

Bek and Ree went to see Twilight last night check out our discussion. If you don't know what Twilight is, lift the rock you are living under and walk to a movie theatre right now!! That's an order.

Ree says: Whenever you are ready...I have my chat open
Bekkah says: Let's DO THIS!!!
Ree says: So...I believe that you.....Hated it
Bekkah says: LMAO! No way!
Ree says: Loved it??? Really? I am shocked
Bekkah says: Well, let's not get carried away is a STRONG word.
Ree says: Ok...Did I like it or hate it?
Bekkah says: It's REALLY hard to guess whether or not you liked it. I half wonder if you're middle of the road like me...meaning that you may have found it to be an entertaining flick, not meant to be deep or powerful, but I also was feeling...
Ree says: Yes! Exactly.
Bekkah says: a bit disappointed that it had the potential to be FANTASTIC, but unfortunately it kinda fell short. I also wonder if...I would have enjoyed it a bit more if we weren't surrounded by REALLY young kids. They were giggling at EVERYTHING, even when it wasn’t really appropriate...that nervous/pre-pubescent giggle kept reminding me that we were watching a teen-flick!!! Which of course totally prevented me from losing myself in it.
Ree says: Yes..I felt that especially the love of Edward and Bella seemed juvenile. If you hadn’t read the book you would never understand why they love each other so deeply seemingly overnight.
Bekkah says: Yup, not nearly as emotionally intense as the books.
Ree says: Yes exactly. She was saying that she knew she loved him and I was thinking why? I also don't think the movie showed why he loved her.
Bekkah says: Yeah, it seemed as though it was all moving too if one day he hated her and the next day they were madly in love?!
Ree says: Yes...and...Where was the charming, charismatic Edward? Although I found him extremely sexy at times his reactions were laughable. To quote my niece...his face made him look like he was constipated
Bekkah says: I completely agree...every time he tried to look 'troubled' he ended up looking like he was about to vomit?! LMAO! Or that...
Ree says: It did movie too fast. I kept telling my niece that it had to move quickly or it would have been an 8 hour movie. Exactly...vomit. I had to stop myself from laughing because honestly I wanted to love it and him.
Bekkah says: I know, I did too, but it just wasn't happening for me.
Ree says: Really??? So this Edward wasn't sexy to you? Oh...crap and his standing in her room in the book was romantic but in the movie it was a bit stalkerish. Another disappointment was Jacob.
Bekkah says: OMG, TOTALLY! That completely weirded me out!
Ree says: Jacob was a pivotal character. He was the reason Bella put together what Edward is. So where was he?
Bekkah says: I half wonder if I never really got into it because of all the 'kids' sighing and giggling throughout the entire movie...those were times when I kinda wished I was home watching it in The Batcave!
Ree says: If you didn't read the book you wouldn't understand why there is a Team Jacob.
Bekkah says: But in the books, did Jacob get that much time developing his character in the first one?? Or wasn't it more so in the 2nd book that he really got some 'face time'??
Ree says: The ahhhhs, especially when Edward first appeared on screen were so funny. I loved it.
Bekkah says: HA! And sometimes they would have that nervous giggle going even when it was inappropriate?! Edward was about to suck venom out of a bite mark and there were chickies sighing EVERYWHERE!?!?!
Ree says: Or when Carlisle came on and someone said, "Now that is what I'm talking about
Bekkah says: BWAHAHA! I didn't hear that! Did you hear the girl next to me singing along to E.V.E.R.Y. song off the soundtrack!?!?!? Holy Prep-Work!!!
Ree says: Sighing over the most uncomfortable scene for me. His face was weird
Bekkah says: Dude, EVERYBODY'S face was weird!!
Ree says: Half the time his mouth was lopsided and his face did strange things but...
Bekkah says: Seriously...most UNattractive cast EVER! What was up with the perpetually SURPRISED look on Jasper’s face?!?!?! Total deer in headlights...
Ha! Get it...Deer...vegetarians...nevermind :\
Ree says: all in all...Edward was HOOOOOTTT!!! Do you think they were unattractive????
Bekkah says: Alright...he was...OK...that's all you'll get from me.
Ree says: Ha I get it. That is one of my favorite lines Sexy baby!
Bekkah says: Uhm...yeah...although Alice was kinda cute and he fit the 'pixie' description from the books.
Ree says: That was another thing
Bekkah says: jes?
Ree says: Alice and Bella’s friendship was totally missing from the movie. Alice tells Bella, we are going to be such friends or something but that was the extent of it. Everything that leads up to the prom was completely gone.
Bekkah says: Yup, I'm assuming that will become a bigger story in the next movie.
Ree says: What happened to Angela? She is supposedly Bella’s closest friend. Ahhhh...there was so much missing but I absolutely loved it and would have gone into the next theatre and watched it all over again
Bekkah says: I think they were probably trying to cram a lot of stuff into two hours and just had to let some things spill over into the sequel.
Ree says: True...and I didn't hear the singing girl. Was she the one who said, "he has nice teeth" when Jacob was on?
Bekkah says: eheheeee! Probably...
Ree says: Also, the cheesy, campy style was interesting considering that I didn't feel the book was cheesy or campy.
Bekkah says: He DID have nice teeth though...
Ree says: He does. He's a cutie
Bekkah says: There was one thing that I totally hated.... I hated it in the book and I hated it in the movie...the scene when Bella is leaving home and is SO nasty to Charlie. Even when reading it, it seemed so over the top and cold-hearted. She could have easily come up with an excuse to leave without being so horrible to him!
Ree says: The part where Bella always looked pissed off and she smelled something bad?
Bekkah says: HA! that too.
Ree says: Speaking of Charlie...he was a cutie. I didn't picture him somewhat hot
Bekkah says: He was okay, in a lumberjack, maple syrup, backwoods kinda way... Me neither, for some reason I pictured a beer belly and receding hair line?!
Ree says: The part where Carlisle is talking to Edward because he is trying to get him to stop drinking her blood cracked me up. It was the worst! Me too!
Ree says: Exactly. Police Chief...too many donuts. Hahahah
Bekkah says: Exaaaaaactly!
Ree says: I always liked those lumberjack types
Bekkah says: I'd take the lumberjack over bug-eyes-Jasper.
Ree says:I also liked Emmett. He looked like a big teddy bear. The newbie? He looked ready to shit himself
Bekkah says: YES! Emmett...and poor dude had like two lines throughout the entire movie!!
Ree says: Lie he had the runs and was afraid to move for fear he would shit in his pants
Bekkah says: HA! Of course, how did I not make that connection?!
Ree says: See. That's why I'm here.
Bekkah says: Thank goodness! What did you think of the Meyer cameo?? Like you mentioned, Stephen King, M. Night Shyamalan have cameos in their films...and I think Stan Lee always works himself into the films he produces. It usually doesn't bother me, but...
Ree says: I loved that! I loved it because everyone said, "that's Stephanie"
Bekkah says: I dunno...for some reason it kinda annoyed me that she was in totally distracted me and she looked...out of place and uncomfortable.
Ree says: The chick hasn't been around forever and that just shows me how much the internet played into the movies success. What I did love about the movie is
Bekkah says: Definitely...her face is everywhere these days. Good for her!
Ree says: I think that Robert and Kristen did manage to get the essence of Bella and Edward. I liked them together on screen and thought that they did a good job of depicting the characters. Bella was at times annoying because she just seemed like a silly teenager who had fallen in love with the unattainable guy with the 90210 hair.
Bekkah says: I like them too. They weren't what I had envisioned after reading the books, but I think they did pretty good. Besides... Being a fan of the books, it's almost impossible to not enjoy at least some aspects of the movie. It's always pretty cool when you finally get to see locations and characters, living and breathing, when previously all you were working off of was a mental picture.
Ree says: I have spoke to 2 others one loved it but she did not read the books. The other read the books and was disappointed mostly because she felt that Edward was supposed to be the hottest guy but she didn't feel that Robert was hot enough to play Edward.
Bekkah says: I'm with the last friend...I enjoyed the books, but I was a smidge bit disappointed in the movie. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. I thought Edward could have used some gym time prior to filming... Wasn't he chiseled in the books?!!?
Ree says: I think that we can't possibly picture the hottest guy. What is hot to you may not be hot to me. He is what is hot to Bella.
Bekkah says: True that...
Ree says: He said that he was working out like crazy but dropped too much weight and they asked him to stop. In the book did he shimmer in the sun? I don't remember
Bekkah says: I heard he dropped a lot of weight, but not that he was working out...I read somewhere he looked emaciated. Yup...totally shimmered....
Ree says: My niece said his stripped name is Sparkle
Bekkah says: ehheee....niiiiiice! Did you notice he has two songs on the soundtrack?
Ree says: I personally love the movie, can't wait to see it again. No, I didn't. Ummm...interesting
Bekkah says: They're...interesting :\
Ree says: What did you think of the three vampires?
Bekkah says: The villians?
Ree says: Yes. Did they do the characters justice?
Bekkah says: Well, what little interaction we had with them, I thought they did great.
Ree says: Wasn't her mom hotter in your mind
Bekkah says: YES! She looked a bit...weathered...
Ree says: I read that the budget was small, there was no green screen on this movie. Everything was done my stunts and pulleys, no big effects.
Bekkah says: I kinda liked that though....
Ree says: I kind of like that
Bekkah says: HA!
Ree says: Yeah. I wonder if they the next one with a bigger budget will overdo the effects
Bekkah says: I wish you had finished Breaking Dawn already..DAMMIT! Would love to discuss right now what I DISLIKED about the books, but also how some of those issues were resolved by the gave me a better understanding of where Meyer was trying to go with the plot and character developments.
Ree says: Someone who didn't read the book will have no disappointments with this movie.
Bekkah says: I'm sure it'll they'll have more impressive action scenes, but hopefully they'll know their target audience enough to realize it would be wasted on us!
Ree says: Meyer writes so descriptively that you can't possibly transpose that to the screen which is where I think we are all disappointed.
Bekkah says: You're probably right. As usual, I'm having a hard time feeling the same enthusiasm for the movie when the books kicked so much ASS!
Ree says: She is so detailed in her books that it would be impossible to act that out. I know. Like Stephen King, she writes a vision on our heads with the amount of detail that we don't need a movie to see it play out. His movies don't do well either
Bekkah says:Plus, I think that because she so vividly describes the characters and events we all have our own mental picture of what would be perfect. As you said before, the film couldn't possibly satisfy everyone's idea of how this story should look visually.
Ree says: Even the Cullens home wasn't as grand as I thought it would be.
Bekkah says: OMG! Yes...I was totally expecting some modern looking mansion...The cooking scene was cute...
Ree says: We won't be able to discuss Breaking Dawn until next month since I am refusing to pick it up. I loved that!
Bekkah says: BAAAH! You suck.
Ree says: I am not ready to let them go
Bekkah says: Me too! They were so excited...
Ree says: Stephanie is putting the next series on-hold indefintely
Bekkah says: Aaahh...probably not a bad idea. Spacing it out might work better anyway
Ree says: I loved the line where they ask "Are we even sure she is Italian?" Then "her name is Bella"
Bekkah says: HA!
Ree says: I am going to need my Edward fix. I want Edward to stand in my room and watch me sleep. Me and 500,000 other teenagers.
Bekkah says: I loved all of the graduation caps on the wall.
Ree says: Yeah that's right
Bekkah says: HA! Get in line!!
Ree says: Me too. Cute! "Inside joke"
Bekkah says: And that Edward is '17'...for 'a while'
Ree says: Haaa.. How long are you watching me sleep? "Only a couple of months"
Bekkah says: C-R-E-E-P-Y!!!!!
Ree says: That's me babe. Creepy
Bekkah says: Ahahaha
Ree says: I enjoyed the ending
Bekkah says: So, I think it’s pretty obvious what the appeal is for teens…but why do you think it’s also able to connect so strongly with so many adults??? Is it just Edward's 'hotness'?!
Ree says: People who didn't read will know that Victoria is ready to avenge.
Bekkah says: Definitely. That ending had sequel written aaaalll over it.
Ree says: I think Vampires are sexy but...I also think this is like Titanic without the ocean liner, iceberg, and him dying at the end.
Bekkah says: Aaah, yes...excellent analogy!
Ree says: We are all romantics at heart
Bekkah says: "I'll never let go" and she pulls his frozen hand off her and lets him sink.
Obviously it’s the fantasy element…as well as the danger/excitement , but I think it’s also the newness and innocence of Bella and Edward’s relationship. It’s a peek back to a time when everything seemed so intense and full of promise/possibilities.
Ree says: Who wouldn't want a guy to be so drawn to you that they couldn't possibly be without you. "My personal heroin"
Bekkah says: Uhm...ME! I need space, yo!
Ree says: Not me...."You don't know how long I've been waiting for you Bella!"
Bekkah says: Okay...THAT was kinda sweet! You could definitely feel how lonely he had been before she arrived.
Ree says: Exactly. He was alone in a home full of pairs just waiting for his imprint
Bekkah says: Night and day without having someone...while Rosalie had Emmett and Alice had Jasper. Yup.
Ree says: Exactly.
Bekkah says: I have to say though...I'm nervous about... the next movie...I wasn't crazy about that book, so I'm hoping that maybe I'll have the reverse opinion.
Ree says: sum it all up liked it but...
Bekkah says: I like it, but it could have had more substance too it. I also had to remind myself that technically I'M NOT the target audience, so some of the things that I would have LIKED to have happened...couldn't because of that.
Ree says: For was romantic. The movie will never be what the book is not possible. One of the best things about the written word is that we all see our own movie. Now when I read Breaking Dawn I will picture Kristen and Robert as Bella and Edward. Yeah like...yo...Bella and Edward Get down to some business. The kiss was hot, "I want to try something"
Bekkah says: On my star rating (1=horrible, 2=entertaining, 3=excellent, 4=earth shatteringly fabulous) I give it a two...
Ree says: but...this chick would like to see the adult version. If I use your scoring I give it a 3 because I would see it again and probably again after that.
Bekkah says: Oh, yeah!
Ree says: I also loved the innocence of them just laying in the grass together. Cute. So...would you see it again??????
Bekkah says: Yup, and all the 'silent' cut scenes of them sitting and talking...just getting to know each other... Yes, most definitely. In fact, I'm looking forward to watching it again.
Ree says: Yes...loved that...that was how the writer wanted us to see them developing their relationship in a short period of time.'s go
Bekkah says: Exactly. We were to assume that their bond strengthen over time... AHAAHAA!!
Naw, man...we wait for it to come on PPV, then we spark up the batcave! Vampire wine is on me. Not literally, of course.
Ree says: How hot was it when he stopped that van??? Dude hot! His intensity of trying to save her and then him being pissed off at her clumsyness at the class trip.
Bekkah says: But did you think Edward was HOT!?!?!
Ree says: Oh...speaking of on you. I owe you. I thought that he was hot
Bekkah says: Another chat session to discuss Breaking Dawn?!
Ree says: Oh hell yeah.
Bekkah says: w00t! Bekkah just sent you a nudge.
Ree says: you didn't think he was hot?
Bekkah says: Sorry, got a bit excited there.
Ree says: That scared the shit out of me. Holy hotness batman
Bekkah says: Honestly, he a very different and original kinda way...
Ree says: To borrow a Bek phrase. Yes. Not conventionally hot, but hot.
Bekkah says: Exaaactly!
Ree says: We agree??? That is crazy
Bekkah says: I would NOT throw him outta' my bed
Ree says: Oh hell yeah and that grey peacoat hot!
Bekkah says: Giiirl, us agreeing happens more and more every daay!!
Ree says: The car driving, hot.
Bekkah says: you're just out of control! The coat was FUGLY...
Ree says: I loved it
Bekkah says: I mean COME ON!? Ahahahaa!!
Ree says: Do you think anyone else will read our gibberish
Bekkah says: Probably not...but they SHOULD!
Ree says: I am sitting her laughing
Bekkah says: We crack OURSELVES up! Me too
Ree says: J, wants to know what I am laughing at
Bekkah says: Did you tell him me??? He laughs at me all the time too...i can take it!
Ree says: I think I am laughing because I am 42 years old drooling over a 23 year old actor with my girl.
Bekkah says: Eheheee!! yeah, that IS kinda humorous!
Ree says: He thinks we are crazy for chatting alone, just the two of us
Bekkah says: does OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Men...humpf.
Ree says: It's the best. They suck and they are not Edward, so there..plllltttttt
Bekkah says: Oh, certainly NOT. Funny...I read an interview with Robert Pattison...He said... "Who knew every girl's dream guy would be driving a Volvo." I'm not sure why I found that so damn funny, but I did...
Ree says: Everyone loves vampires. Not sure if it is because of the Volvo...
Bekkah says: Or his hot pea coat?
Ree says: Crap...Also, loved when he asked her "say it out loud." He can't read her so he needs her to say it.
Bekkah says: Yeah, but for some reason I was thinking of Sam Kineson yelling out...
Ree says: Also, why was the guy in the restaurant thinking about a cat?
Bekkah says: say it, say it, SAAAAY IIIIT!!
Ree says: Hahaha....miss Sam
Bekkah says: LMAO! I dunno, the cat guy freaked me out! Me too
Ree says:'s wrap this up....I loved it
Bekkah says: Yes, please...the 2nd harry potter awaits us in the batcave!! I enjoyed it. And I will definitely go to see every sequel they decide to make with you, then chat about it.
Ree says:I give it 3 out of 4 bite marks
Bekkah says: after 24 hours of pent-up frustration from not being able to talk about it.
Ree says: Hell yeah...enjoy Harry. Tell Ohio thank you.
Bekkah says: 2 out of four bite marks.
Ree says: I know it. Ok...
Bekkah says: Hi to Teach and the kiddies!
Ree says: Thanks for your time, the books and going to the movie
Bekkah says: My pleasure!
Ree says: peace out
Bekkah says: word
Ree says: yo. buh bye

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