Friday, May 15, 2020

3 Reasons To Use a Professional Shear Sharpener

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Keeping your cutting shears maintained properly is essential to ensuring consistent performance and long life. Good-quality shears should provide years of service, but only if they are taken care of adequately. Proper handling, cleaning and oiling are all factors that contribute to longevity. Another is the need to periodically sharpen the blades.
When you are looking for shear sharpening Hilton Head Island, there are many reasons to choose a professional to perform this task. Below are three of the most important when it comes to this critical tool of your trade:

1. Blade Geometry

Contrary to what some may think, shear blades are not perfectly flat from the pivot point to the outer tip. There is actually a gradual angle built in along the length of the shear. This manufactured design allows you to make the same cut anywhere on the scissor. Without the proper experience, a sharpener can easily remove too much material and effectively negate this beneficial trait. Doing it improperly can change the blade angle, which will lead to degraded performance.

2. Shear Damage

Sometimes shears don’t just lose their precision cutting power gradually. Damage caused by accidental drops or mishandling can instantly create issues with performance. This could show up as a bend or misalignment, or as a severe nick in the blade surface. In either case it may not be necessary to toss them out and get a new pair. Those shears can still have plenty of life if repaired by a professional.   

3. DIY Issues

Attempting to sharpen shears yourself, or taking them to someone with similar inexperience, can lead to dreadful results. Blades that would be perfectly fine with a professional tune-up can end up ruined quickly. There are proper techniques that sharpeners are trained to use. All of this results in maintenance that costs less than having to buy new shears repeatedly.

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