Monday, December 30, 2019

Weight, I am Too Fat


Weight, I am Too Fat

Yes, I know that is the wrong weight but humor me.
This Tuesday my husband and I started our new healthy way of eating. I have never dieted in my life. I was bulimic for years and have stayed away from actually dieting since being helped.
We decided to just watch what we eat and workout 3 days a week to start. Last year my husband was in the best shape of his life when he put himself on a plan.
It worked for him and I am now willing to do whatever it takes and since we are doing this together I am looking forward to sticking to it.
Since having bulimia I haven’t stepped on a scale. I never wanted to make my weight about a number for fear that I would relapse if I saw it. Even while pregnant I told them not to mention my weight number unless it became a problem. I would get on the scale backwards and they would write it down, never showing or telling me.
We started on Tuesday.
The problem: My husband wanted me to get on the scale. He said, it’s just a number and that’s all it is. Let’s see where we are starting and not think about it. I got on!
The ugly: I am going to say it, my weight that is, here it goes. 168. Yup, there it is. I put it here because being accountable is a big part of staying true to any weight loss plan. Right? Right!
The Eating: We wrote a list of what we would allow ourselves to eat and created a shopping list. As long as I feel there is variety I will be ok. My husband on the other hand can eat the same 3 things for months if that is what it takes.
The Workout: We are doing 3 days a week for now in the morning. We get up at 6:00 a.m. and workout for 45 minutes using tension bands and good old exercises such as push ups and sit ups. His words: We are not running a marathon we are trying to get healthy. As little reps with big results. If it takes 8 X to fatigue the muscle that is what it takes. It is all about form and results.
This week’s meals: (coffee every morning and water all day long)
Breakfast – Wheaties with 1% milk
Lunch – Broth, and 1 small can of corn
Dinner – Turkey sandwich, wheat bread, mayo, lettuce and berries.
Breakfast – Wheaties with 1% milk
Snack – Apple
Lunch – Turkey wrap, mayo, lettuce
Snack – Strawberries
Dinner – Grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, brussel sprouts.
Breakfast – Wheaties and All bran with 1% milk
Lunch – Turkey wrap, mayo, lettuce
Dinner – Grilled eggplant and zucchini
Snack- Black berries
Breakfast – I forgot to eat
Snack – Chips and Salsa
Lunch – Salad and bowl of chili
Dinner – Blueberries
Yes, I know Friday was a sucky meal day but it was an extremely busy day. We left the house at 9:00 a.m. and returned at 4:45 p.m.
Tonight I brought home Wii fit and was a little discouraged as I got on the scale. My weight and BMI make my little Mii person very big. It also says I am obese and maybe I am fooling myself but I never saw myself as obese.
Not going to get down on myself because changed are being made and I am going to do the best I can to keep myself motivated to continue with the plan. Stay tuned.

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