Monday, December 02, 2019

The Lotus Trolley Bag Is Perfect For Those States Instilling A Plastic Bag Ban Starting March 2020

The Lotus Trolley Bag is not just another environmentally friendly shopping bag—rather, it’s an altogether new bagging system that can transform our shopping carts into our own personal assistant! These bags save steps—time and energy, all the while eliminating millions of wasteful, harmful plastic bags from our environment.  

I live in NY State and starting March 2020 the Bag Waste Reduction Law will be in effect. Which means every time I go to the store I better have a bag of my own or I will be charged to use paper bags. 

The Lotus Trolley Bag is a reusable bag system for your shopping cart. The bags go from cart to car easily and seal up when not in use to the size of a long briefcase. They have a handle making it easy to carry from your car to the store. 

The bags are made of canvas and hold so much food. There is a produce bag with a netted bottom, pockets for bottles or other things, I place my eggs in them and a cold food bag with insulation too. I found it easier to organize my groceries, empty each bag for the cashier go to the other end of the conveyor and refill the bag replacing everything right back in.  My trunk was so organized and instead of 10 trips to the house, it took 2. When we got home we took the bags in and everything was already separated making things easy to put away. 


The bags are large
There is an insulated bag for frozen items. 
The bags all Velcro together so you are not grabbing a bunch of bags.
Each bag has reinforced stitching so they won't break due to the weight of your groceries.  
The bags are washable. just remove the rods and toss in the wash.
You can even use the bag alone without the rod if you need a really large bag making them very versatile.


I wish they didn't stick out so far. I understand it is so the bag doesn't fall as you place things inside it and so that it will fit many different size carts but I worry that I am going to hit someone when I go by. They are much wider than some carts. 

I think this is a great gift.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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