Monday, December 30, 2019

Last Weekend Rocked

Last Weekend Rocked

Last weekend I headed out with my kids minus the husband to my girlfriend and her husband’s version of Lalapalooza called Ozzapalooza.
These two go all out when they throw a party. The only thing missing was an outside bar. Come to think of it, I thought there was going to be one of those this year. Bek?
We get a hold the date thingy in the mail then the real package comes.
Included in the package
A concert looking ticket giving the date, time, location, admission price which of course states FREE (one of my favorite 4 letter words).
An RSVP card that asks you to call so that they can buy enough beer
Directions in case
VIP Card giving us access to all Ozzapalozza events like the VIP gazebo, etc. It says that we should present the card for Free Parking and Unlimited Use of the Bathroom.
A Water Alert Card – This is a child friendly party so the card tells us that the kids get use of her kids kiddie pool, water table, sprinkler so we are told to bring an extra set of clothes just in case.
The 08 Special Attraction List –
  • 3 Flags Amusement Park which is her daughters swing set.
  • The Cage which is her daughter’s play room complete with totally cleaned the night before toys (because she is THAT kind of hostess.
  • The BatCave which is her husband’s pride and joy – A ridiculous, everyone should bow down and scream they are not worthy upon entering the doors. The room features a 8ft screen, with 4 of the most relaxing, reclining chairs you will ever see, surround sound, HD viewing, Xbox 360, PlayStation and a DVD collection to make Best Buy drool.
It was great to sit with Bek’s Aunt and talk for an hour I totally stole her forever. She was awesome.
Her father-in-law Columbus (not his real name) was the best. I loved how he was with my kids.
There were kids from last year that must have grown at least 2 feet in 1 year. Everyone seemed so grown!
To top a wonderfully fun, relaxing day off I won the raffle which was a Godfather Gift basket (colander, pasta, sauce and The Godfather DVD) which totally rocked.
On top of all this Bek loaned me 3 more books. I read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight and loved it she when I returned that one she dropped the next 2 plus the final book of the series into my arms. It was like she was giving me a whole set of encyclopedias. I thought I was going to need help getting the 3 books to the car but thank God I have been working out and handled it like a champ.
It was a rockin good time. I can’t wait to see what the theme is next year.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures but I did get to help out a lot more than usual. How is this possible? Usually my husband is with me which means 2 sets of eyes on the kids and I can’t but this time I could. Maybe it is just that the kids are getting older. Last year I was worried about my 2 year old falling or something. I guess! Ummm…I’ll have to figure that one out.

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