Monday, March 04, 2019

My Favorite Smartphone App

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I have been using ibotta for a little over 10 months and so far have earned over $100 in gift cards. While I could be using it better and really creating my shopping lists around what is being offered on ibotta I find this savings worth the 2-5 minutes of effort it takes me weekly.

The app is really easy to use. I just hit the link for the store I shopped at. For instance I use Shoprite as my grocery store. Then I look at the products being offered and check off what I purchased. Next I scan my receipt in using the scanner in the app and the app tells me all the products I got credit for. I saved my points up till December and got a $100 Walmart gift card which I used for Christmas. Walmart is not the only gift card, there are tons available from Sephora and Macys to Starbucks and hotels. This isn't coupons, it is cash! Who couldn't use that especially if you are buying the items anyway?

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