1 Month Supply Of Java House Cold Brew Coffee #GIVEAWAY

Guys...I love ice coffee but it is cold in my neck of the woods so I am doing hot these days. I love coffee and was so excited to try out  Java House.  They recently launched their new dual-use liquid cold brew pods which can be used hot or cold! Having cold brew served hot equals a less bitter, less acidic, and overall naturally sweeter and smoother cup of hot coffee. 

Each of the liquid pods feature their delicious cold brew in concentrate form (instead of the grounds you find inside a traditional pod). That means you can open, pour over ice, add water and enjoy. Or, pop the liquid pod into your Keurig machine to enjoy a smoother cup of cold brew hot. No preservatives, additives, or coffee derivatives. 

The 411:

UPDATE: I still love this coffee! It is amazing but I wanted to let you know that I now put it in my Keurig. There are instructions that came with the K-Cups and once I followed them, all was well.

I am in love with this coffee! It looks like a K-Cup but instead of coffee grounds it is liquid. It was really surprising at first since I am conditioned to think of my coffee as coffee grounds where I add water. Java House is concentrated so it looks nice and thick and poured over ice with some creamer or milk it is truly better than going out and paying $4.00 or more when out. It is the perfect iced coffee.

When I went to use it hot, I couldn't get my Keurig to close around it. It does come with directions and maybe if my Keurig hadn't broke twice in two years I would have pushed harder to really see if it doesn't fit but I am nervous. NOT A PROBLEM because I opened the pod, poured the coffee into a cup, added hot water from my Keurig and enjoyed a smooth, delicious coffee. What I love about these Java House cups is that even at work I can bring them with me, add hot water and no more watery, boring coffee at work!

Just great tasting cold brew available whenever and wherever you are. Available in Light, Medium, Dark, and Decaf roasts. ($8.99 for a 6-count, at Walmart, Target, and more)

AND if you like flavored coffee check out Java House's website for some amazing recipes like this one that I can wait to try for Cold Brew Mint Frappe

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was offered.


jerseygirl137 said...

I am hoping to win the JAVA HOUSE® - Ethiopian - Light Roast - Cold Brew Pods.

Ken Ohl said...

the cold brew mint frape would love to try

freddie said...

I would pick the Colombian Medium Cold Brew Pods.

Julie Lynn Bickham said...

Hope to receive the light cold brew.

Peggy Damon said...

I would love to win the columbian flavor

Terri said...

I hope to receive the JAVA HOUSE® - Colombian - Medium Roast - Cold Brew Pods.

Cindy Merrill said...

I'm hoping for some Decaf coffee.

Jeremy said...

Would like the columbian flavor.

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