Monday, October 22, 2018

Concerned About Phone Safety? Try TeenSafe!

Our kids aren’t old enough for their own phones yet, thankfully. But once they are, I know I’m gonna want some kind of way to keep them safe as they use the technology. So I’ve been looking into options lately and I’ve become really won over by the concept of using a phone monitoring service. The one I’ve settled on is TeenSafe, due to its great features and positive reviews. Here’s a look at what that service provides and how you can use it to keep your kids safe on their phones.

Keeping tabs on communication

Phones are for communicating first and foremost, but there are good kinds of communication and bad kinds of communication. I want my kids to have healthy friendships that include the ability to chat with each other about whatever is on their minds. I don’t want my kids getting into sexually explicit or dangerous situations that are far out of their age range. Not only can this happen with other kids, but also potentially people they meet on the internet. That’s a big worry for me.

To help protect against this kind of thing, TeenSafe allows parents to take a look at phone logs and text messages on our kids’ phones. This ability isn’t to snoop or pry in our children’s social lives, but rather to make sure they aren’t getting themselves into trouble. Realistically, kids sometimes lack the ability to make the best decisions and I want to make sure I’m there to help should the need arise.

Website monitoring

Look, the internet’s great! Without it, I wouldn’t have this blog of course, but I also love it for learning new things and meeting new people. It can, however, contain a ton of content that is inappropriate for kids. You know the kind I’m talking about, sexually explicit or violent imagery can be really detrimental to the natural maturation of a child’s brain. Using a monitoring service to be able to make sure that our kids aren’t accessing websites containing this type of content is a no-brainer for me.

Ability to track location

This a favorite tool of mine from the service. By being able to see where my kids are, and also view their past locations, I can ensure that they are staying safe even when they’re not near me. I don’t need to compulsively check where they are at all times, but it’s definitely the kind of feature that will come in handy. I want to know that my kids are where they say they’re gonna be. If they end up somewhere else, I’m gonna want to know where that place is and why they’re there. This is a better safe than sorry situation for me.

Ultimately the choice for how we introduce technology into our kids’ lives is a personal one that will vary from parent to parent. But I think we can all agree that we want to make sure that our kids are staying safe as they explore the world and mature. For me, TeenSafe provides a level of security that I’ll definitely want once my kids are old enough to have their own phones. For anyone who feels similarly, consider giving the service a look.

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