Friday, September 28, 2018

Savings: Dryel Is A Fraction Of The Cost Of Dry Cleaning

Since March I have saved over $350.00 in dry cleaning costs by using Dryel. It is that simple.

I miss the dry cleaners folks. I saw them weekly, sometimes 2 times a week for pick up and drop off of my husbands, pants, suits, shirts, ties and jackets.  He needs to wear a suit every day to work. When he first got his job, we were so excited about his new title.  He spends a lot of money on work clothes every year. Sending them to the dry cleaners was just something that came along with it until March when we started using Dryel.

We weren't only out money, sometimes we were out clothes. It is not like they lost them but waiting on them to come back didn't always work. He doesn't own a ton of clothes and his go to items were always at the cleaners.

Yes, this is an advertisement for Dryel. I am working with them to let you know how much you should be using Dryel but if it works it works so let's talk about why it works.

1. Dryel is reasonably priced. Only $9.99 for the starter kit then approximately $9.99 for the refill kits.  I can do about 40 items for under $10. I couldn't do 3 items for under $10 at the dry cleaners.

2. Dryel doesn't have that nasty chemical smell. My husband use to hate the smell of his clothes when they came back from the cleaners.  There is no nasty smell, in fact. It smells kinda good.

3.  No trips back and forth to the dry cleaner.  I put everything in my dryer and hang them up when they are done and I don't have to worry about my dry cleaning pick up tags or God forbid the cleaner losing our things. Happened once. 

4. No wait for his clothes. He wants to wear a suit tomorrow but thinks it needs some cleaning. DONE! I can do that. No rush or extra charge.

We will continue using Dryel until!

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