Monday, September 10, 2018

An Action-Packed Fantasy Series for Fans of Divergent, X-Men, Sense8

THE PEITHOSIAN GIFT by Cristina Archer

SYNOPSIS: The Peithosian Gift centers on a centuries-old conflict between two warring clans: the Morgans and the Kanes, both of whom possess the power to control the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. While the Morgans aim to cultivate their power to control and restore order to the world, the Kanes believe that humans should be free to make their own choices. From ancient times to the present-day, many have been slaughtered on both sides; Kanes killing Morgans in an attempt to avert the birth of a gifted child so strong they could control the world, Morgans hinging their hopes on such a “savior” and assassinating Kanes in a clandestine effort to wreak revenge over the murder of their brethren. Meanwhile, in New Brunswick, Canada, an elderly couple discover that their adopted baby girl, Radha, has an unusual way of getting out of her crib: levitating. Born of a third, lost clan, Radha is the one the Morgan and Kane clans have been seeking for centuries, possessing a gift – which she believes to be a curse – more powerful than the world has ever known.

As The Peithosian Gift progresses, Radha’s existence is discovered by the clans, setting in motion a clash that forces her on the run with both sides hunting her. Will the arrival of this newcomer – and the child she becomes pregnant with – restore nature’s balance, or prove a great danger to all mankind?

ISBN: 978-1911569848
PRICE: $22

Cristina Archer is the author of five novels, most recently The Peithosian Gift [Rowanvale Publishing], the first in a planned speculative fiction/fantasy series. Cristina was born in Rome and migrated with her family to Australia as a young child. She currently lives in Melbourne, which she believes to be one of the most inspiring cities in the world. She has long been fascinated by philosophical musings, and has been writing fiction in her spare time since she was a teenager. Her previous books include the three-book Panopticon Series, a collection of short stories titled Dilecticoma Dreaming, and a standalone novel Transition Girl.

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