Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Light Up Your Fourth of July With Say It With a Sock!

How do you celebrate America’s birthday? Time-honored traditions call for festive barbecues, dazzling fireworks and proudly waving the red, white and blue. Your personal favorites may include classic family recipes, scenic road trips or relaxing vacations at the lake house.

This Fourth of July, light up your life with a monthly sock club that puts a little sparkle in your step. Why socks, and why now? Here are the top five reasons to treat your feet and start a new holiday tradition this summer:

1. You Deserve It

Isn’t it about time to celebrate wonderful you with a unique gift that equals your awesome? You give it your all at home and at work, so self-indulge with a different choice — great socks that look and feel good.

2. Personalized Mail Is Fun

Enough with only seeing bills, ads and impersonal mail on your doorstep. A women’s sock of the month club guarantees you’ll receive customized goodies that are as fun to open as they are to wear.

3. Socks Equal Smiles

When you get one or more new pairs of socks each month, you won’t have to wait long for the compliments to roll in. Thrill your inner style maven as friends, family members and coworkers take notice.

4. It’s One Less Worry

You’ve got lots to do, so reap the benefits of a monthly sock subscription that gives you one less thing to worry about. As one pair of socks wears out, a new pair sweeps in to save the day (and maybe even your outfit).

5. Share the Sock Love

Make a note of who’s raving about the professional styles and whimsical prints you’re receiving each month. When the next gift-giving occasion pops up, surprise those folks with a gift of their own.

Now’s the perfect time to treat your feet! Find out all the details on activating a sock of the month club for women subscription and start your enjoyment today.

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