Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Clear the Clutter with My Mighty Magnet!

Do you ever get cards and feel guilty tossing them? Have you lost your dining room table in a pile of mail? Or do you simply want to display photos but making a collage in a frame is just too much work?
That’s where My Mighty Magnet comes in! With more than 60 unique themes, My Mighty Magnet makes it easy to hang and display whatever matters to you. In minutes you’ll be taking a deep breath and admiring your decluttered household.

 My Mighty Magnet also makes a great graduation gift and is perfect for students to use in their dorm rooms. They don’t damage your walls and work anywhere! Simply hang the cable on the wall, display the item and place the decorative, super strong Mighty Magnet in place. Each My Mighty Magnet comes with 9 super strong Mighty Magnets and a 5 foot weighted cable and a Command hook for easy hanging.
See it in action here:

The 411:

I love hanging things on the walls but because I take a ton of photos I don't want to commit to just one photo. Take the time to frame it and find the perfect location because hey if we frame it you know it will be there a long time.

My Mighty Magnet is perfect for this situation AND you don't need a whole lot of wall space. You can hang multiple Mighty Magnets on one wall and if you decide you want to change it, just move them.

My Mighty Magnet is a weighted cable with pretty gem looking magnets that simply hold your paper, invoice, photos, card, whatever you decide. You can use them in your work cube, dorm room, living room, bedroom, van, wherever.

We hung it up last week and so far it has held thank you cards, graduation cards and now some summer photos from a few years ago that the kids haven't seen in a long time.

My favorite thing about My Mighty Magnet is that you can easily change it anytime the feeling strikes and you can configure it anyway you want. Depending on how place the thumb tacks, nails or hooks.


 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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