Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ever Wanted To See Your Name In Lights? See If You've Got the Chops With Be A Broadway Star

Be A Broadway Star - the brand new board game that puts YOU in the spotlight!
This isn't your typical board game.  This is a Broadway board game!  And that means you'll have lots of chances to show off your stuff along the way, with interactive "make or break" cards that just might have you singing and dancing on your turn!

Just remember, at the end of the game, whoever has the most fans wins!
Can you make it all the way to the Broadway Hall of Fame?
Find out today when you play Be A Broadway Star, the brand new board game for Broadway theater lovers of all ages.

The 411:

If you are a lover of musicals, Broadway or just like to perform, you will love this game. Life and Monopoly you simply roll the dice, follow the board, draw cards, make and pay money, until the end where you are crowned the Big Kahuna or in this case make it all the way to the Broadway Hall of Fame.

Created by Tony Award Winner, Producer and Writer Ken Davenport Be A Broadway Star is fun. Not only is it a board game but you get to perform with Make or Break Cards like:

Reciting a line with a Russian accent
Perform three mime moves
Perform two Bob Fosse dance moves
Sing in the highest note you can reach
Impersonate the star of a current Broadway show
Make a hero's entrance including the line "Here I come to save the day and so many more. BTW..these cards get you 4 addition fan cards. 

Playing with the kids was hard because there were things they just didn't know but we changed it up to make it work for them like name three songs from Annie, sing a song from The Lion King, dance like no one is watching, etc.

 We had a great time playing and I know a lot of friends who would absolutely love this game.

 Oh and another thing; anyone named Tony is at an advantage because they will always get to go first.

AND..lastly, every year the game makers will be coming out with an expansion pack that includes things like

Songs from Matilda
Rock out to air guitar
Idina Menzel beats you for a Tony tell her how you really feel.

This is so much fun that I am adding it to my Holiday Gift Guide

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