Saturday, March 23, 2013

In Your Easter Bonnet – Play in the Dirt

Originally posted March 25, 2008
I don’t get it.
What is it with kids and dirt?
The first part of this story is that my daughter and I were (ok me, I was), very excited that this would be the first time she would wear an Easter bonnet and white gloves. She was excited to put them on and she picked out the bonnet herself.
I bought her something to wear (probably the 5 thing I have purchased for her clothing wise in the almost 3 years she is here). Something new, not handed down, hers and hers alone. It wasn’t my favorite but there wasn’t much to chose from. Easter is really early this year and it is pretty cold for the typical Easter wear.
She was all dressed sitting waiting to leave for her Abuela’s when she asked me to change her diaper…insert screeching car tires here because ummm hello she hasn’t worn a diaper in just over 3 months. In the 3 months since she has trained she has had 3 count them, 3 accidents. So why, oh why on this particular day, when the outfit had only been on her for 1/2 an hour would she decide to use it as her own personal portable potty?
I told her that she didn’t have a diaper on and that I hoped she was kidding. I had just washed and dried her tights. The reason she wasn’t wearing them earlier was because they were in the dryer, drying so that she could wear them with her new stinkin’ Mommy doesn’t love Easter outfit.
Anyway, I digress. I change her, and tell her how disappointed I am that she pee’d in her clothes and next time ask me to take her to the potty. She says what she always says, “I’m sorry Mommy.” We put on the next best thing. A punky, fun, pair of stockings, the only ones that would be warm enough but didn’t have snow flakes on them and head out the door.

We go to the in-laws with my son looking like the little man and the girl looking like a little funky punk. Eat a wonderfully delicious lunch and then my husband decides to take the kids outside.
Normally I don’t mind them being little rug rats because well as far as rug rats go they are pretty clean. They never have crusty messes under their noses, they never smell, their clothes don’t have huge unidentifiable stains and they don’t argue to wash their hands, but why on Easter must we play in the dirt?

I guess they had a good time and Tide will take out the stains. My mother and father would have freaked if we were all dressed up playing in the dirt but I guess there are worse things they could have gotten into.
So Easter and dirt, perfect together. Who knew?

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