Friday, March 15, 2013

Perfect Easter Basket Filler - Strawberry Shortcake Berry Friends Forever


Life in Berry Bitty City is always better when Strawberry and her friends try their berry best! Princess Berrykin decides to bring back an old tradition, and Blueberry spends so much time worrying about manners that she forgets what’s really important. When a Good Citizens Club is formed, Plum learns that fitting in with others is fine, as long as she follows her heart. Lemon and Raspberry work together to clean up a playground, and soon see the berrytastic value of teamwork. Strawberry helps out the Postmaster Bee, who shows her the value of honest effort. It’s friendship and helping hands to the rescue in these sweet, fun-filled adventures!  

  • Never Say Never Music Video
  • Printable Coloring Pages
The 411 by Maria & Goddess:

We love all the Strawberry Shortcake movies. Strawberry and her friends are sweet, kind, colorful and unique each with their very different personalities. In these movies, the girls are all about doing whatever they can to help their community. As a "brownie" Goddess loved watching the girls doing their community services by delivering mail, painting playgrounds, and basically helping others even if this means that are taken advantage of sometimes.

There isn't a little girl who wouldn't love watching Strawberry and friends in their very colorful world.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary DVD for our honest opinion.

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