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Stop Screwing It Up! Avoid 434 Goofs.

Reader’s Digest Presents
Don’t Screw It Up!

Avoid 434 Goofs to Save Time, Money, and Face

NEW YORK, NY — February 28, 2013 — Don’t Screw It Up!, the latest book from Laura Lee and the editors at Reader’s Digest, is a fresh spin on all the mistakes we make every day that end up costing us big in our wallets, our health, in our homes and beyond. Instead of having to do more to improve your life, this witty new guidebook, available now here and wherever books are sold, will show you how to tweak what you’re already doing to make your life better.

Don’t Screw It Up! is a helpful, handy, and hilarious guide to the most common mistakes everyone makes and how to avoid them, such as the best way to avoid jetlag and the only thing you need to know to keep your sweaters from shrinking. Topics covered include Yourself (appearance, skills, all things you), Your Home, Your Cooking, Your Money, Your Relationships & Family, and Your Health, covering loads of detours around common disasters that every person faces.

Readers will know they’re not the only ones making mistakes with stories from real people about really big screw-ups. This perfect combination of humor and wisdom entertains readers as they learn how to make their lives better by avoiding – or remedying – common screw-ups.

Valuable secrets featured in Don’t Screw It Up! include:

  • How to quickly turn off the water so an overflowing toilet does not flood your bathroom;
  • The perfect burger can be made if you just leave the patty alone on the grill and don’t poke it;
  • Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors is a matter of simple psychology;
  • The key to avoiding a hangover is to put water out for yourself before you start reveling;
  • And much more!

With hundreds of fixes for tons of mistakes, you’ll be living easier in no time—with no additional effort! Don’t Screw It Up! shows you the right way to do the things most people get wrong.

LAURA LEE is the author of fourteen books including fiction, children's literature, and poetry. Her nonfiction work covers a wide range of topics including how weather has changed the course of history (Blame it on the Rain), the science behind annoying things (The Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation) and avoiding everyday dangers (100 Most Dangerous Things in Everyday Life).

Don’t Screw It Up!
Laura Lee
Pub date: March 7, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62145-005-4
Available now at Amazon and wherever books are sold.

The 411 by Maria:

A perfect book. There are so many daily life mishaps and time wasters included that it is well worth the cost of the Hardcover. 

Laura Lee took all the hard life lessons we wish our parents had told us as we were growing up and created a "bible" of sorts to ensure the next generation is much smarter with their money and time.  This is a real life saver!

The book is witty and easy to read. I love the layout and this goes to prove that more is not always better. Each section  is quick and easy to follow and includes topics such as:

Your Home
Your Money
Your Relationships & Family
Your Health 
Your Cooking!

Each section has a quick description of the potential screw up, a remedy for said common screw up and quick tips or usual information that you may not have even thought of.
  • Potential Mishaps and How To Handle Them:
  • How to not kill all your houseplants
  • How to do your taxes
  • How to make sure you don't overcook or undercook your left overs
  • How to handle getting socked in the face (yup, even that is in there)
  • Making sure you are wearing the right size bra
  • How to walk properly on crutches
  • How not to regret that tattoo you really want
  • How to not pay for college the rest of your life
  • Ensuring the proper delivery of a joke for maximized laughs
  • and much more...
This is a great book for someone leaving the roost for the first time for college or an apartment or for yourself. Hey, we all screw up but make sure you minimize your screw ups by buying this book!

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  1. I love the helpful hints. It's a great book to give as a gift too. My kids could use it.


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