Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Book Series Buzz for Girls

Random House will be introducing a new children's book series this summer aimed at girls, ages 7 - 12, called The Fairy Godmother Academy.

Short summary of the series:
Before there were finishing schools, therapists, or how-to books there were fairygodmothers. Theirs was a legacy of magical wisdoms, an academy of powerfulwomen with the gifts of Singing Stones, Spirikins, Kalis Sticks, and Magic Hand Mirrors. These powers were handed down through generations to daughters,sisters, nieces and grand daughters.
Birdie's Book: Chapter 4 Excerpt

This book will be out in August and I am looking forward to sharing it with the little girls in my life.

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  1. i bet my daughters would love this series! thanks for sharing!

    okay, so i posted my picture for self-portrait sunday...
    check it out:


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