Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Celebrate Chocolate Truffles Review and Giveaway

Another great review from Family Review Network; Reviewing Celebrate Life Nutrition and getting to try some of their Celebrate Chocolate Truffles to review.

Satisfy your hunger with chocolate!

That is the slogan and I am so there. I love chocolate and if you know me personally, you know Truffles are my absolute favorite.

Have you ever tried to lose weight?

While you were trying to lose weight, did you feel sensuous - sexy?

When you were trying to lose weight, did you ever feel hungry?

A year after you were trying to lose weight, did you keep the weight off?

Would you like new answers to these questions?

Weight loss is about controlling your appetite. And cutting your cravings. When you do that, weight loss is a natural result.

When you lose weight steadily, naturally, and keep it off, you'll feel sexy again. In control of your appetite, you regain control of your life.

If trying to lose weight was difficult, discouraging, and ultimately unsuccessful a year later, then its time for you to do something different.

Satisfy your hunger. Control your appetite. Cut your cravings. With Celebrate Chocolates you'll eat less and succeed.

How is your hunger satisfied with Celebrate Chocolate™?

It is a remarkable story with three chapters.

Chapter One: Celebrate Chocolate™

Close your eyes.
Open your mouth.
Imagine premium chocolate melting slowly across your tongue. S-l-o-w-l-y - M-e-l-t-i-n-g. Melting slowly. Covering your tongue, melting down the sides to the wells at the bottom of your mouth. Imagine chocolate melting and covering everything inside, until, almost overwhelmed with sensation, you slowly swallow, yet not wanting to give up the exquisiteness. Then you carefully bite again, wanting the thick sensuous feeling to rise again, and not fade away.Great chocolate, Celebrate's premium chocolate, begins here, melting, covering, slowly fading as you swallow. But it doesn't end there.

How does the chocolate suppress your hunger you ask? Well, it's really quite simple...well, maybe not, lets talk about the different oils that make up the chocolate.

With Celebrate's Avocado, Macadamia nut, and Hemp seed oils added to Celebrate Chocolate, one bite begins a truly rich burst of full, satisfying, lasting flavor in your mouth. That is the way chocolate was meant to taste.
The real magic is what the trio of natural oils does after that.
When you savor one or two Celebrate Chocolates about 20 minutes before a meal - when your stomach is not full - it passes more quickly into your intestinal track. There, as it is digested, along with the natural cocoa oils, it begins to tell your body you are beginning to get full.
Somewhere in the middle of your meal you will notice your appetite fading away. As a result, you eat less.
Meal after meal, eating less means less weight, greatly aided by the trio of natural oils.See??

Well, basically the taste is in the pudding, or chocolate as this case may be.

And my friends, the benefit isn't just in great tasting chocolate that controls your appetite. Oh no, no...the fine folks over at Celebrate crafted a mighty fine piece of healthy goodness. Healthier nails, healthier skin, healthier hair, healthier heart and what does this add up to? Well besides a leaner, sexier you, it adds up to a more fulfilling sex life. Don't believe me, check this out.

  • Savor Premium Hand-Made Chocolates
  • Satisfy your hunger - Rich, never-bitter, rare cocoa from an ancient recipe
  • Cut your cravings - Quickly absorbed nutrients deliver quick satisfaction
  • Maximize your nutrition - Concentrated nutrients from 59 whole foods
  • Increase your Omega 3/DHA - Feed your heart and brain these vital nutrients
  • Boost your antioxidants - Premium cocoa delivers superb natural antioxidants
  • Naturalize your beauty - Smoother skin, silkier hair, stronger nails
  • Enjoy Low Glycemic Chocolate - for those who watch their blood sugar
  • Delightfully 100% All Natural
In a Nutshell: The chocolate taste wonderful. Silky smooth and decadent. Anything that tastes that good shouldn't be good for you but in this case, it is!!! They have milk and dark chocolate, along with Cherry Vanilla, Roasted Almond Bit, and Mountain Raspberry Truffles. Can you even think of a reason not to try this?

Now for the best part, I can offer 2 boxes to a lucky, lucky winner. One of the milk and one of the dark chocolate.

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