Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Easy Hacks to Make Your Next Camping Trip More Enjoyable

Summer is in full swing, and that means late nights spent in the great outdoors! Camping can be stressful though. That’s why TheSoul Publishing posted a new video on their popular YouTube channel 123 Go! full of DIY tips and tricks that make camping more enjoyable. These are some amazing tips and I saved all 3 videos.

  • Hoping to eat eggs for breakfast but unsure of where to store them?Simply crack all of the eggs you plan to use on your trip into a bowl, mix them up, and pour them into a plastic bottle. Then, when you’re ready to cook, just squeeze out your desired amount onto the skillet!
  • Tired of blowing on your fire to get it to start? Create a DIY air pump with two plastic bottles, and never worry about getting your fire going again!
  • Out of clean water? In a bind, you can filter dirty water through gauze, charcoal, sand, and rocks to ensure that your drinking water is clean and free of debris.

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