Saturday, February 27, 2021

While You're Sleeping by Mick Jackson and Illustrated by John Broadley


While You're Sleeping 
by Mick Jackson and illustrated by John Broadley (2/2021; ISBN: 978-1843654650; Hardcover $19.95; Ages 4-8; 40 pages) is a beautifully illustrated picture book about what happens at night time by a Booker shortlisted author.

There's a whole world of activity out there while we're asleep in our beds, from bakers preparing bread and cakes and firefighters waiting patiently for a call, to hospitals caring for those who are ill and postal workers sorting our mail. There is also wildlife such as foxes foraging, bats flying, and owls hunting for prey. And around the world there are children who are playing, learning, eating, and reading while we're tucked up asleep.

Perfect for bedtime, this book opens up a whole world of wonder and imagination for children and provides solace if they wake in the early hours. In his first children's book, illustrator John Broadley works in a limited palette, moving from soft dusk colors to warm dawn tones.

The 411:

A story about sleep but also all that happens around the world while you are snug in your bed. Some of the terminology was an introduction for my class. The book contains British words like Lorries: A truck or Bins: garbage can but it was a great way to discuss differences and how around the world we are not all in the time zone. 

I loved the illustrations done in an old world style but like a cartoon. All the pages were full and busy allowing my class to listen to me longer as I read which as a teacher is wonderful. 

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.  

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