Monday, September 02, 2019

Future Artist Book Idea: Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book

Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity BookLearn to draw 17 different bird and butterfly species by Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team

With the Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book, learn how to draw 17 different bird and butterfly species with three methods: tracing, grid drawing, and step-by-step drawing!

This interactive book is filled with 17 wonderful winged creatures you can learn to draw, from flamingos, owls, and toucans to monarch and peacock butterflies. Packed with fun facts, quizzes, and puzzles too, the Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book will provide hours of artistic entertainment!

Inside, three different drawing methods are featured: tracing, grid drawing, and step-by-step drawing. Five tracing pages are included so you can trace. Then try the grid method—just copy the lines and shapes into the corresponding square on the blank practice grid provided. You will also learn the same step-by-step method used by professional artists: the basic shapes method. To draw birds and butterflies like a professional does, just follow the illustrations that show how each step builds upon the last to create a finished piece of artwork. Look closely at the new lines in each step and draw the bird or butterfly on the practice page provided after each basic shapes project. Find the technique that works the best for you, and draw your favorite birds and butterflies over and over again!

There are plenty of practice pages and tracing paper inside, so you have all you need to get started right away. The simple instructionswill guide you through each step, making it easy to follow along. Plus, learn some fun facts about the different birds and butterflies as you learn to draw them. Activities include a bird word search, a butterfly maze, a bird map match, spot the difference, and more. 

With fascinating facts, fun activities, and practice pages encouraging you to get started directly in the pages of the book, you can let your inner artist take flight with the Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book.

The 411:

My daughter and I took this book with us on our last babysitting gig and the kids loved it. The 11 year old twins took turns reading, looking at the colorful photos and tracing.  One of the kids loves drawing and kept saying "this is so cool."

Kids who love to draw will enjoy this step by step method. Tracing is a wonderful way for future artists to learn the fundamentals that will give them the confidence to draw on a blank page. My daughter is an artist and has been since the age of 3 but confidence is something is I have noticed is lacking. She wants every drawing to be perfect and critiques every line she makes.   She said this book would have been perfect for her when she was younger.  You can learn tracing, grid and step by step methods.

We love how the colorful illustrations against the tracing paper making it easy to see each line.

But they are not only drawing, they are learning facts about the creatures in the book as well.

One of the activities in the book was a numbered box were you color the books by following the color grid and find the hidden bird So fun!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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