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Award-Winning Tale: Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home - Book #GIVEAWAY

As an family of animal shelter volunteers we were honored to read Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home. Written by Susan Marie and Illustrated by Rebekah Phillips the first book in the Miss Olive trilogy.

Recommended for ages four through nine, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home teaches children an important lesson about life and what it means to be accepted for who you are. Through the Miss Olive book series, children learn that bringing a pet into a loving home can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home, which was recently awarded the Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Medallion for 2018 Children’s Book of the Year, follows a little Italian Greyhound with three legs who is alone in an animal shelter. She dreams of being taken in by a loving family. On her journey to find her forever home, Miss Olive feels love and kindness from her foster mom and finds friendship with other animals who are waiting for adoption. One by one, all of the other dogs are adopted into happy families and Miss Olive begins to wonder if it will ever happen for her.

The 411:

We volunteer every weekend at an animal shelter because we cannot take every animal we fall in love with into our house. By volunteering we feel like ALL the animal at the shelter are ours. I am a huge advocate for adopting from a shelter. We see their little faces every week just beginning for someone to take them home especially the dogs. They are so excited to have any attention and we love when we hear they are adopted. Which is why I love this book so much.  

Miss Olive is about a  tiny Italian Greyhound who happens to have 3 legs. She longs for a home to call her own and longs for a name. When she is taken into foster care she is promised a furever home but when all the other dogs are adopted she worries that it is because she is different. You see Olive is missing a leg. Oddly enough I had to re-read the book after that getting to that page looking for a clue about her missing leg. There wasn't any.  The photos don't focus on her leg issue. She appears like every other dog in the book but Iove that she was "special".  The books focus wasn't on her difference, she was like all others it just took longer for the perfect family to come into her life and when it did,  it was exactly what she needed. There were other dogs even a loving grandma.  Olive got her wish which is what my wish for every animal at the shelter. When we go in on the weekend we immediately walk around to see who was adopted and talk to those that are still there letting them know their time will come. 

This book is for every animal lover especially children who may look at those who are "special" in a completely different light.  My daughter is especially in love with every animal who is a little "special".  

You will fall in love with Olive and will enjoy reading this adorable book to your children. 

To Find out more about The "REAL" Miss Olive visit the The Doggy Diva Show

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  1. I would love reading this to my grand daughter. She loves dogs and this story with Miss Olive sounds like a good one to read to her.

  2. Olive is one special dog, we have 3 dogs and love them all equally.

  3. I just adopted a cat eight days ago. I call her Whisper. She was rescued from a pretty bad cat hoarding situation and was fostered for a couple of months before we found each other. She is deaf, so it has been interesting to find ways to get her attention and train her, but she is so smart and is catching on already! She is the sweetest cat I have ever met, and is pretty obviously so grateful to have a forever home where she can play and nap and be loved constantly. Olive reminds me of her.

  4. never heard of Miss Olive but looks like something my little niece would love

  5. Ms. Olive is so cute. I love the pictures. What a great book for the little ones. It is so important for our children to be good readers.

  6. This sounds like such a sweet book,Miss Olive is adorable and I love that this story may inspire people to go to their nearest shelter and adopt a cute pet like Olive.

  7. I love the idea of this book. Miss Olive seems like a special pup.

  8. Such a wonderful book the kids would love reading about Olive and finding her forever home.

  9. Miss Olive is adorable! This is a cute book with a great message. I'd love to read it to my kids.


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