Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Great Party Gift Idea: Lights Camera Booze - The Drinking Game Companion.


If you are into drinking games and love movies, this is the perfect book for you. I wish I knew about this earlier because I had two parties this past month and this would have been the perfect as a hostess gift.

The book is set up by Movie and covers comedy, horror, cult classics and more.

Each movie has a drink suggestion, fun and interesting trivia for the movie, game suggestions, the times you should drink and what you should skip if you are a light drinker.

Lets head over to one of my favorite's The Breakfast Club. Who even know this would be a good drinking game movie?

The drink is called the Princess (for Miss Claire Standish).

Some of the times you should drink are:

  • When you see a clock
  • When someone stares at Allison
  • Someone leaves the library
  • Someone talks about a parent
  • Vernon threatens one of them 

There are 17 times mentioned. Basically, if you want to get wasted do all of them. You may not remember the movie you watched and your liver will be really pissed at you so I recommend altering the list for your personal threshold.

FYI...I take no responsibility for your morning after!

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received. I did receive a complimentary book for my honest opinion.


  1. (Great Party Gift Idea: Lights Camera Booze - The Drinking Game Companion.) What a fun way to through a party. I could really use something like this for our big 6 person's milestone Birthday party bash this coming weekend. 2 people turned 60, 2 turned 50, 1 turned 40, and 1 turned 30. This party should be a lot of fun.

  2. This sounds like it would be really funny!

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    This sounds like a great drinking game. I know I would be laughing the whole time.

  4. What a funny book to do for a boring time and need something to do!

  5. This is the first time I have seen this book... looks really fun! I told the hubby about it!


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