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Lost in Space: The Story of Tom Walker - 12-year-old

Temidire Owolabi’s Lost in Space introduces Tom Walker, son of Tim Walker, a respected astronaut who mysteriously disappears whilst on a journey into space.  Determined to find his father and aided by his siblings, Tom ventures deep into outer space to find their missing dad.


In a glimpse of a far future, 11-year-old Tom Walker ventures through the vast world of space to find his father, a famous and respectable astronaut who disappeared mysteriously during a space exploration journey. 

 With his brother and sisters by his side, and only a small amount of resources to start with, will Tom be able to surmount the challenges ahead of him and find his missing father, or will he go missing too?


Receiving editorial praise, reviews include:

“Temi’s amazing creative talent shines through with his debut novel and I had the absolute pleasure of coaching him to write this book. Apart from his writing flair, his work ethic and perseverance have made this book possible. It is a pleasure to be able to share this with the world. Lost in Space has a setting and plot that gives children the courage to believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Well done, Temi, I am so proud of what you have achieved. Keep soaring high!” – Sophia Ovonlen, Creative Writing Coach,

“What a classic book Temi has written. I was captivated by the emotive and thrilling start, and held on by the suspense towards finding Astronaut, Tim Walker.  This book reminds us of the importance of the fundamental family unit, family values, love, compassion and empathy as this world speeds u towards automation where humans foundational ethics and moral conscience.  I strongly recommend this book for family time, and to be converted to a BBC or Hollywood movie.  Well done Temi. Keep up the great work!” – Dr Urenna V Adegbotolu, NextGen programme coordinator and executive board member, AFBE-UK Home - Association For BME Engineers (AFBE-UK)

“I am hugely impressed with the story; Temi has an incredible imagination and massive potential to become a bestselling author. As well as an astronaut, of course! His imagery is excellently executed; some of it is written better than some of my most experienced authors!” – Kathryn Hall, author and editor –


“This is an engrossing story about a young boy named Tom and his siblings searching for their father who they

thought was dead. It is written in the style that each of the children have their own autobiography talking

about their experiences. Tom, the main character of the story, is a curious kind 11-year-old boy who is eager

to know the truth about where his father is. Jake, Tom’s older brother is a geeky 12-year-old boy who loves to

create new machines and gadgets to inspire the world, and finally, Alice and Jane, who are Tom and Jakes’

twin sisters. Together, with the help of their mom and a NASA astronaut they go in search of their father in

space.” - Charles McIntyreYear 8 Papplewick student. 


Published by Maple Publishers, Lost in Space is available in paperback (£9.99) and Kindle format (£4.29) on Amazon at and

The book is available in all major book stores Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, Blackwell, Foyles, Waterstones, Okada books etc.


About the author:

Lost In Space: The Adventure of Tom Walker, is Temi Owolabi’s debut novel. He is a 12-year-old boy who lives with his family in Yorkshire. His love for space inspired him to write this book. He also has a passion for charity and has committed himself to supporting charities whose mission is to help vulnerable children. This would go a long way to make the world a better place for all children in the future. He hopes this book will inspire people to dream.

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    Read the book. Nice story concept and great addition to the library.


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