Sunday, June 16, 2019

Potty Training Book For All Stars Helps With The Transition From Diapers To Undies

Ross Burach expands his board book footprint and creates an upbeat new addition to the evergreen toilet training canon.

Get out of diapers and into the game. This upbeat basketball-themed potty romp is a slam dunk!

My whole life, I've been stuck on the bench in diapers. It's time for a change. No more diapers for me. I'm ready for the big leagues!

But toilet training can be hard, and sometimes it's tough to make the shot. Fortunately, Coach and fans are there to cheer... until at last... score! Ross's energetic illustrations and clever, reassuring story will help kids gain confidence and embrace their potential to become potty all-stars!

The 411:

As a preschool teacher who has potty trained over 40 kids over the past four years I can tell you potty training is not for the weak. It takes a lot of patience on the child and adults part. Anything that a kid can relate to on this difficult transition is helpful. My class loved hearing this book although I often changed the words. While I love the basketball concept my toddlers didn't understand coach so I changed it to mommy or daddy. For hoop I changed it to potty or bathroom. The illustrations are so cute and my kids loved pointing to the main character who I loved too. It can be a boy or girl which makes it easier for my toddlers to relate to. 

Such a great book to read to your kids from the ages of 1-4.

How I trained my own kids.

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