Tuesday, June 27, 2017

6 Reasons to Get the Gutters Cleaned Right Away #AD

When it comes to home repairs and maintenance, the gutters might be the last thing on your mind. The reality is that there are situations in which not having these cleaned can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Below are six of the best reasons to have your gutters cleaned right away.

Drainage Problems

Gutters provide a safe and effective pathway for rains to get directed off the roof and away from the property. Clogged gutters will cause a backflow of water, which will end up spilling over the roof in unpredictable ways and areas. This can leave you drenched, land large amounts of water on heating and cooling systems, or begin to pool the water in your yard. Standing water can breed insects and cause massive soil erosion.

Gutter Damage

You might think that having a few leaves enter your gutter system will not cause any real harm. The natural rains will flush them out, or they will rot away to nothing. This debris from living plants can bind up within the gutters and swell each time it rains. The swelling can separate pieces fro one another, or split the materials down the side, rendering the gutter portion useless.

Roof and Eave Damage

Areas of the home that have gutters attached are at risk of damage if the system becomes clogged with debris. The water will build and begin to speed up the process of aging and decay. You will begin to notice areas where the wood begins to get soft and in need of total replacement. This can run into hundreds of dollars. The cost can exceed thousands if the damage includes large portions of the roof.

Insect Infestation

Although it is not a common problem, insects can build sanctuaries within the gutters during periods of little rainfall. Once the openings are sealed up, the water will have no choice but to spill off the roof haphazardly. Routine inspection and cleaning will keep this from becoming a problem. All remnants of insect builds can be cleaned from the gutters and proper drainage restored.

Birds and Small Animal Nesting

Birds and small mammals are always looking for quiet, undisturbed areas to make a home. Their purpose is to raise a family, but it can cost a lot in repairs if the nests are not removed right away. Nesting birds can seem harmless, but there are some small animals that will not stop at creating a home. They can begin to chew at the wood and access the attic portions of your home. This can all lead up to damage to electrical components and insulation. Have these areas cleaned away as soon as they are visible.

Unsightly Debris Removal

The gradual build-up of small limbs, leaves, and other airborne trash can make your home look unsightly to anyone walking, or driving by. Climbing up on the roof can be dangerous to the inexperienced. Call on the help of a gutter cleaning service that puts safety first. It is worth the small investment to make sure that the job is done right. Keep your investment looking well cared for, with a properly working gutter system.

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