Friday, May 12, 2017

Planning Your Storage Unit

Whether you're home from college in the summer or you simply need somewhere to put the items that are in the home or garage to get them out of the way, a storage unit is an option. There are several sizes depending on how much stuff you have to store, but the price of the unit will increase as you get a larger unit. A summer storage Boston facility usually has climate-controlled units. You can find these units as most locations aside from Boston as well.

The unit that you get should be one that is secure. If necessary, provide your own lock so that you know the unit won't be bothered. Look for a facility that has security cameras on the premises. This will at least be a deterrent for some people who are thinking about messing with the units, and it can help give an idea as to who might mess with your belongings if something is taken.

One of the things that you want to do before storing your items is to come up with a plan of organization. Put items in boxes that are labeled so that they are easy to get to when you remove belongings from the unit. Avoid putting items in cardboard boxes if possible in case there are mice or insects in the unit. Plastic storage boxes that are clear that allow you to see what's inside are best. Think about the positioning of the boxes in the unit. Put the heavier items on the bottom with lighter items on top. This might seem like common sense, but many people think that they can simply stack belongings in any fashion and find that it's hard to sort through everything and that some boxes might fall over time. Instead of putting everything in the center of the unit, make a path by putting items on each side of the unit. This will make it easier to reach what you need without taking everything out of the unit until you're ready to move back to school or until you get more storage at home.

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