Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Burglary is More than a Break In; Why Home Security is Important

It is said that one of the easiest crimes to prevent is also the most common, burglary. The home is a safe haven that seems impenetrable. Because of this, most people do not take the proper precautions when it comes to removing their home as a target from thieves. When the home feels safe, some think that nothing bad could ever happen there, or that their family could never fall victim to a burglary. Another reason some people shy away from home security action is they think it will break the bank. Yes, home security systems can be expensive, but there are cost conscious and even free ways to keep your home safe and secure. Whatever the reason may be for someone as to why home security is not a priority, I would like to make a point on why it is. 

While you may be covered by insurance, having someone enter your home could be costly, figuratively and literally. You are ending up with more money loss than you would if there had been a little expense put toward home security efforts. You are left with broken windows or doors, as well as possible damage within the home, and your expensive belongings or valuables have been taken. Yes most items can be replaced, but then there are the extreme valuables within the home. A burglar can take something that is priceless and irreplaceable, like a family heirloom. It is only when those precious things are stolen that there are things that cannot be replaced. 

No Peace
After a break in, the family is left without peace of mind. The biggest shift is not that belongings were taken but that the safe sanctuary was tainted. The home goes from the safest place in the world to the complete opposite at the snap of a finger. Your children will no longer feel safe and neither will you. The aftermath could potentially create psychological problems for you and your family. A home should always be a safe place and security precautions should not be implemented after a home has been forcefully entered. 

It Won’t Happen to Us
Statistics say that a burglary happens every fifteen seconds. With that fact, the chance of a home being invaded just became realistically possible. Even the littlest of efforts to having your home not catch a burglar’s eye is important. A security system sign, closed curtains, locked and dead bolted doors are all little things that could dissuade a burglar from targeting your home.  The slightest bit of caution can make the biggest difference. Most burglars are looking for easy targets. 

The psychological aftermath and the risk of losing irreplaceable items are the two main reasons that some form of home security should be put into place in any home. How often burglaries occur is another risk that most home owners should not be willing to take with their homes. It is encouraged of anyone to look at the website for Seattle home security or any city’s security website for all of the best home security technologies and tips. Don’t be the target of the next burglary in fifteen seconds. Make sure to keep you home a safe sanctuary for you and your family. 

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  1. You have to be on your guard at all times now day's. I keep our doors locked all the time, same with my car. Last summer one of the Slum Lords that lives two blocks down the street from us rented his place out to some druggies. I am working on getting them out the neighborhood real soon, talking with other neighbors right now. In the mean time I have 6 shot guns and a hand gun in the house and am not afraid of using them if I have to. You always have to remember it's either going to be your life or theirs. ( Not going to be mine )


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