Saturday, September 20, 2008

Product Review - The Complete Idiots Guide To Sexual Health and Fitness

I am totally ready to buy the entire Complete Idiots Guide.

Today I finished The Complete Idiots Guide To Sexual Health and Fitness. It took me 4 days to read because honestly I just couldn't read it outside the house.

When I first received the book, I figured what else could I possible learn about my sexual health that I don't know already? Well, my friends, a hell of a lot I am embarrassed to admit.

Chapter 1: What Is Sexual Health and Fitness?

Chapter 2: Sexual Myths - I personally loved the whole measuring up section. Because well does size matter?

Chapter 3: Emotional Balance and Sexual Health - There was a whole section about Love, Trust and Libido and honestly there was something I didn't know. Men ARE from Mars. No, actually it was that Men become more trusting after they are sexually involved and women have to trust to become sexually involved. That is not the part I didn't know but that a "trust hormone" Oxytocin gets released after orgasm. Who knew?

Chapter 4: Healthy Body, Healthy Sex - That being more flexible will enable you to have better sex. Ok, 15 minutes of stretching after waking and before bed folks. You are only as old as your spine.

Chapter 5: Your Five Best Bets for Improving Sexual Health - We all know the saying our body is a temple but if you need another reason to quite smoking how about this:
Nicotine causes constriction of the small arteries (hello, penis and clitoris) which can decrease erection and rob you of sensation.

Chapter 6: Maintaining Top Sexual Health and Fitness - Kegal exercises are not just for pregnant women.

Chapter 7: Cleanliness Is Next to Sexiness - Hopefully we all know about cleaning our va-jay-jay and this chapter can be skipped. But, I am certain this chapter was written for a reason. Read this chapter!!

Chapter 8: Sexual Health and Fitness—The Mind/Body Connection - Sex IS important to your well being. So if you are in a loving relationship get and give often.

Chapter 9: Fateful Attraction: Can Love Make You Fit for Sex? Cuddling is good for you. Touch often. I know this but there are certain people who could use a refresher, come on, you know who you are.

Chapter 10: Viral Villains - Condoms, condoms, condoms....I can't stress that enough.

Chapter 11: Bacterial Bad Boys, Fungal Infections, and Critters - There are "critters" out there in the sexual world and you need to be protected and that means you little old people experiencing a sexual surge in the old age homes.

Chapter 12: Contraception and Sexual Health - There is an official term for "pulling out" do you know it?

Chapter 13: Risky Sex - Prostate cancer is linked to multiple partners? Ummm...I had not idea.

Chapter 14: Sexual Dysfunctions - I found this chapter very interesting. Why? None of your business.

Chapter 15: Medical Conditions That Cause Sexual Problems - Drop in your libido? Check with your doctor, it could be due to your medication.

Chapter 16: Other Challenges to Your Sex Life - Want a great sex life? Well, it's easy and its what many people are trying to do anyway. Stay healthy, eat right, exercise!

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