Saturday, September 06, 2008

Camera Critters - The Wolf

Camera Critters

Not the night call for his mate
Nor the full moon instinct howl
This wolf song sings forlorn fate
A lonesome breed on singular prowl


  1. that's a great photo!

  2. thats one intense wolf!

  3. Very nice photo. Wolves have something special,they're my wife's favourite animals.

  4. Anonymous4:44 PM

    That's beautiful dog! love the color!

  5. singular beauty where was this taken??

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh, since my dad has a wolfdog (I call him my boyfriend), wolves have a very special place in my heart. I love this!

  7. Ratmammy, Thank you. I loved it too.

    Magic, That poor wolf was hot.

    Dirk, I agree with your wolf.

    Lilli, Thank you. It touched a lot of people.

    Lady, Dogs and wolfs look so similar.

    Ibeati, The picture was taken at the Turtle Back Zoo.

    Misty, Wolfs are just amazing creatures.


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