Wednesday, June 02, 2021


"authentically portrays a portrait of life inside and after the abuse"- 
"Kate Amundsen delivers a moving performance"


Jaret Martino and Love Wins Productions is proud to announce that its’ film “Donna-Stronger Than Pretty” is now available to stream via Amazon Prime. This will bring the film’s important message of domestic violence awareness to the over 100 million subscribers of Amazon’s Prime Video service.

Based on a true story, Donna is a romantic tragedy — an unlove story — that spans three decades in the life of a gentle young woman, Donna, as she tries to live up to the traditions and expectations of her Italian roots and the “American Dream.” That dream becomes a living nightmare and nearly breaks her, until she finds the silent force of her inner voice. We follow Donna on her journey to break free from a husband who refuses to be responsible for her, his children, or his own actions. As Donna works to maintain stability and security for her kids in spite of their father, she is able to redefine her own “American dream” and graduate from college, something that had been pushed aside in place of starting a family, like the “good girls” of her era were expected to do.

The film stars actress Kate Amundsen (Shameless, Westworld, The Mindy Project) and costars indie film actor, Anthony Ficco (Drifter, Prodigal) and Catherine Daddario.

The screenplay was co-written by Jaret Martino and award-winning writer Pat Branch.

“Donna: Stronger Than Pretty is an impactful feminist story about a woman who refused to give up her dreams even when they were nearly stolen from her.” - Aramide Tinubu, Rotten Tomatoes

About Love Wins Productions

Jaret Martino and Love Wins Productions is an original content and third party production company, designed for the 21st century's changed media landscape. Focused on raising awareness for subjects deserving attention. With a focus on women's empowerment, diversity and inclusion and LGBTQIA messages

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