Monday, October 30, 2017

Unplugged Play Is The WAY - Flex Your Imagination With Magnaflex

I am a huge fan of unplugged play. Kids and adults are way too attached to their electronics. We need something in our hand even if we are eating or hanging with friends or hanging out on the couch watching TV. When was the last time you watched TV without a phone in your hand playing some phone game? Even as adults we can't get enough so why do we think our kids can control themselves. We need to make conscious efforts to unplug our kids and ourselves. 

This is why I love products like Magnaflex by WowWee. Magnaflex is a creative construction kit that’s turning magnetic play upside down! Its exclusive flexibility allows kids to build up, out, and even down to form ​any ​2D and 3D ​figure​ they can imagine​ ​- from balls and crowns to spiders and snakes! All strips are bendable, zippable, snappable​, and stackable - and they’re all interchangeable so kids will never run out of ideas!


It is on my dining room table and all of us have taken it and tried to create something together or alone over the past week and a half that we have had it even when we are creating nothing. My daughter and I like to create jewelry. While my son likes to create what looks like a gaming chair. 

The best part of Magnaflex is that it requires no batteries and helps stimulate creativity and promotes visualization and fine motor skills.

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Disclaimer: I received complimentary products for my honest opinion. No momentary compensation was offered.

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