Wednesday, September 06, 2017

7 Family-Fun Things To Do in Toronto

It can be tough coming up with new ideas for a fun family day in Toronto. There’s no shortage of great places to take the kids, and here’s a list to get you started in the right direction:

#1: Toronto Zoo

If you live near Toronto you’ll want to visit the Toronto Zoo at some point. It’s filled with animals that adults and children alike will get giddy over. It’s always a fun time, and it’s all about the family bonding. The giant pandas are billed as the main attraction, but don’t miss the rhinos, hippos, and gorillas too!

#2: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium is another great natural wonder type of place to bring the kiddos. Featuring tunnels you can walk through while you’re surrounded by fish and other marine life, it’s a mesmerizing experience for kids of all ages. Located right downtown next to Rogers Centre, this is one fun thing you don’t want to miss when the family visits Toronto.

#3: High Park

High Park is sure to become your standby when the weather is nice and you’re looking for a place to spend the afternoon relaxing and taking in beautiful surroundings. Kids will love the big wooden playspace while adults will enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms in the spring. The grounds are kept in impeccable condition, providing good feelings for everyone.

#4: Canada’s Wonderland

For the hot days of summer go chill out at Canada’s Wonderland, it has water park rides as well as a ton of roller coasters, so you’re never short on something new to try. The best strategy is to do all of the water rides first, and then get dried off and go do the coasters, or the other way around. Billed as Canada’s premier amusement park, you’ll win the day when you bring the family here.

#5: Ontario Science Center

Immerse yourself in the fun of science and watch the hours fly by. Science comes to life in your hands as you get to experience some natural phenomena in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. It’s not just for kids, as most of us adults have forgotten everything we learned in our science classes and get a chance to rediscover it all anew.

#6: The CN Tower

You just can’t beat a trip to the CN Tower when you’re in the mood for something touristy right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Every panning shot of the Toronto skyline features the tower, so kids will always be reminded of the time they went. The view is great, and there’s plenty more to see downtown so you can make a day of it.

#7: Blue Jays Game

Rogers Centre provides the perfect backdrop to the action on the baseball diamond, and few things compare to this open air, summertime downtown experience. With over 80 home games a year there’s tons of opportunities to catch a game, and maybe even a foul ball.
Next time you’re wondering what to do with the family in Toronto, come back to this list until you’ve checked off everything!



  1. how cool,,id love to go visit there someday

  2. i have never been there before but it is on my bucket list of places to go,,love the informtation you gave


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