Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Best Buys Online for your Body Shape

All of us may have been molded from the same clay, but we all have our own unique physical characteristics. Our eyes, hair, features, height and figures – each has its own appeal. Once you know what category you fall into, you can dress accordingly to make yourselves look even more spectacular than you already do.

Talking about different body types, there are a few categories which divide the overall variety of figures and builds. 

·         Apple shaped: round
·         Pear shaped: triangular or heavy-bottomed
·         Strawberry shaped: inverted triangle/heavy bosomed
·         Hourglass shaped: curvaceous
·         Rectangular shaped: boyish or straight-lined figure

Each of these unique builds will not always look good in the same kind of clothing. An outfit that looks great on a straight figure might not flatter a pear-shaped figure or vice versa. Once you know where your individual body shape belongs, you can buy clothes that compliment it the most and rediscover the art of dressing up for all occasions. 

The Body Shape Advices Hub is just one online forum available where styling tips and identity cards are available to enable you to make a soul-baringly honest evaluation of your body shape. Our mirror impressions of what we look like can be misleading and distorted. A simple exercise of taking measurements for your bust, waist and hips will help you in realistically identifying your figure and help you dress in a way that brings out the best in you.

The cut of a dress, its material and print (if any) as well as the length and its dress size, these are a few critical things to go over while making an online purchase. Loud prints and short shirts tend to draw more attention to your figure lines and will not work well if you are a bit on the heavy side. On the other hand, soft, flowing fabrics will compliment heavier figures with a round or triangular shape really well. It will create greater uniformity between your shoulders and hips and draw away attention from a heavy middle.

For a boyish figure, tight-fitting dresses will only emphasize a flat chest and won’t flatter your figure at all. Breaking your outfit into two components really accentuates a waist, and creates the illusion of curves with fitting around the hips and bust and loosely-flowing fabric at the waist. An hour-glass figure can carry off most dress types well but you need to be sure that what you’re wearing helps in showcasing your lovely figure. Baggy shirts and fitted pants/trousers will tend to eliminate your neat waist, which would have only set off your figure in an even better light.

There may not be a lot of overlap between what works and doesn’t work for these unique shapes, but there are a few universal items which will make everyone look better. For dress cuts, wide-necked dresses and elbow-length flared sleeves flatter all women. Black is a classic color that makes one and all look great. In accessories, head coverings and high heels would look good on anyone and same is the case for delicate floral prints.

Dressing right is a blend of staying in tune with fashion trends, in view of what works the best for you. Your wardrobe is a reflection of you and should have a selection of bright, stylish and classy outfits instead of frumpy, mismatched clothes. Buy buying right, you can dress the body you have to create the body you want and forever look the amazing you!


  1. You've made some good points here to help with purchasing online. Now that my body seems to have changed drastically in the past few years, your tips can help me and I like that you can go to the Body Shape Advices Hub to get an evaluation. Not sure how I will like the evaluation but at least it will be honest

  2. Thanks for these tips as its always difficult to shop online. I find i guess what clothes would look good on me versus trying on clothes in the store!


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