Sunday, November 10, 2013

These Books Rock! Read Them!


For fans of STEPHEN KING and DEAN KOONTZ ... author TODD TRAVIS (Creatures of Appetite) has gathered a haunting collection of suspense stories exploring the monsters, both living and dead, roaming our world.

- A brilliant biophysicist on the verge of proving there is no life after death discovers, to his horror, that the dead are determined to stop him ...

- An abused small town boy finds a special friend in the woods next to his trailer, but his friend isn't like other children and cannot leave the woods, not ever ...

- A group of determined graduate students seek Bigfoot on a remote Alaskan range seek but discover a monster far more deadly than they ever imagined ...

- An elderly store manager, disturbed by a stranger eyeing the armored truck deliveries to his store, decides to take matters into his own hands ...

- A beautiful young woman walks the streets of Manhattan at night seeking men, but for her own dark purposes, because for her, night is for hunting ...

- A mysterious little girl somehow "invites" herself along on an abduction, leading her captors to wonder who really is in charge ...

Five stories of suspense and terror and a short novel exploring the darkness everyone eventually faces when it's their time to die, THE LIVING AND THE DEAD is a collection one may want to read with all the lights in the house on ...

The 411:

I got this as a Free Download and I am so happy I chose to read it out of my 4,000 Kindle Books waiting to be read. 

When I was younger, I only read horror but after having kids moved away from it. I had enough to worry about without thinking about the thing in the closet, the basement or under the bed. Slowly I am moving back into the genre and have to say this was a really good start! Although I am not a big fan of short stories because I always feel they are so rushed, these were perfect for reintroducing myself to horror and I am definitely looking for more from Todd Travis.

After several decades of looking for true love and never finding it, aging model and lingerie designer, Alexa Ranger, has finally given up the search. A couple years ago, she got tired of the game completely and just stopped dating. Now friends and family keep her mostly content, so it’s shocking at 50 yrs old to find herself suddenly wanting a sex life again. It’s even more shocking to be attracted to a much younger man this time. She definitely thinks medically retired Marine, Casey Carter is sexy, but can’t get passed their twelve year age difference to even consider a fling. Not that it matters anyway, anything resembling a normal dating relationship is totally out of the question because Casey is related to and living with her daughter’s boyfriend. The very last thing Alexa needs is yet another talk-show worthy drama in her already complicated life, no matter how amazing Casey’s kisses make her feel.

The 411:

Ohhh this is a sexy read! Casey Carter is the perfect sexy male character. He is young, hot and much younger than the strong female lead Alexa!

I loved this because at 47 I loved reading how 12 years younger Casey found Alexa hot and how he persuade her. 

Nice build up to their relationship and Alexa is not a weak, weepy female.

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  1. After reading your review I REALLY want to read The Living and The Dead. It sounds so spooky and right up my alley as far as books go. I love a good scary book :)


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