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Fireworks Are No Fun for Pets, Tips to Help Protect Pets this July 4th


Guardians of Rescue is offering helpful tips to protect pets as people celebrate this Independence Day


SMITHTOWN, New York – (June 30, 2023) –Millions of people will be having a great time this July 4th as they celebrate the country's Independence Day. The day will be spent with many people engaging in backyard barbecues, parties, pools, and fireworks. Meanwhile, the festivities will not be such a blast for pets. More pets go missing over this holiday weekend than any other time of the year, because they run out of fear.  Most pets find the celebration distressing, and it can lead to dangerous situations. The good news is that plenty of things can be done to help minimize the dangers and keep pets more comfortable during the celebrations.


July 4th is a day that many people worry about due to the stress that it brings to their pets,” explains Robert Misseri, co-founder of Guardians of Rescue. "The more you can plan now, the better protected your pet will be when the fireworks start."


The noises, smells, and sights of July 4th fireworks and celebrations can be tormenting for pets. Some things can be done to help minimize the impact and keep them more comfortable throughout the festivities, whether during the day or in the evening when the sky lights up with fireworks. Days and nights of random fireworks and firecrackers can stress out even the calmest pet. 


Here are some ways to help protect pets this July 4th:


  • Keep them cooler. During daytime events, avoid taking your dog with you. It sounds like it would be fun to take them, but they don't sweat, so they can't cool themselves the way humans do. It can be easy for a dog to overheat at picnics or family barbeques. Heavy panting, drooling, or labored breathing are signs of heat exhaustion. Brachycephalic pets (i.e., pugs, bulldogs, etc.) are more at risk of overheating and should always be closely monitored all summer. Always remember that pets should never be left in the car, even with the windows down. The vehicle heats up quickly and the situation can be deadly.
  • Skip the crowds. Taking dogs to events with groups can lead to problems. They can become overwhelmed by large crowds, unfamiliar people, and loud kids. Alcohol can exacerbate human behavior that stresses dogs out, and human food the dog is not used to is easily accessible, as is citronella and other products that dogs need to be monitored around. Remember, some foods are toxic for dogs, such as grapes, onions, and garlic, and a non-pet-owning guest may offer one of these items to your pet, unknowingly creating a medical emergency.
  • Crate for safety. If you're having this year's party, confine or crate your dog away from the noise and activity. Even if your dog is used to going to the bathroom in the backyard where the guests might be, consider taking them on a nice walk to give him a break from confinement. And let's be honest, you could probably use a few minutes of alone time away from your guests! Keeping your dog in the house is a significant first step, but it's more ideal to have your pet behind a barrier when people are coming in and out of the house. This helps ensure your pet doesn't have the opportunity to dart outside and get loose.
  • Prepare for fireworks. Give your dog a last walk before dark. Ideally, find an interior room your pet is used to and make sure his bed, toys, water, etc., are with him as any other comfort items he might have. Consider leaving a radio with soothing music playing or a white noise machine to mask the sounds of fireworks.
  • Consider supplements. A wide assortment of calming supplements and chews, pheromone diffusers, and anxiety vests like Thundershirts can help soothe a stressed-out pet. Planning is necessary if your pet has a history of severe anxiety or stress. Your pet may need a prescription for anti-anxiety medication, and consider working on desensitization and behavior modification with a trainer for next year.
  • Get registered. Even with all the precautions, sometimes accidents happen. This is the perfect time to ensure your pet is microchipped and the chip is registered. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for registration. Also, make sure your dog is wearing a collar and tag with your phone number on the tag. Ensure you have clear pictures of your pet at the ready in case your pet goes missing. These are helpful for social media posts and for reporting to the local shelter or animal control officer.


“Remember, with a little advanced planning, your pets can remain safe and happy during this upcoming holiday,” added Misseri.


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