Friday, May 27, 2022

Inflation Killing Your Bank Account?



"7 Ways to Save During a Summer of Inflation"

 Summertime is literally right around the corner - coming in hot! Unfortunately, as the temps are rising - so is inflation. So how do we plan vacations, weekend getaways, and fun activities for the kids without blowing our budget?

 Lisa Thompson, Savings Expert for, shares her tips below on how to simplify and save on summer essentials!

 1.  Getting groceries? Doing a Target run? Use cash back offers. This is, hands down, the best way to save money when you’re shopping this summer. Cash back apps like the app, offer savings on summer essentials like ice cream, energy drinks, sunscreen, sodas and snacks, with regular offers of $1 to even $4 cash back on many items. That’s cash back in your pocket for things you would be stocking up on anyway as you plan backyard barbecues, pool trips, and other summer outings.  

 Pro tip: Link your store loyalty card or account (think Target, Walmart, etc.) just once to your app, and you can skip the need to even submit a receipt for redeeming your offers. Just be sure to activate your offers in the app before you shop.

 2.     Be a tourist in your own city. Now that the world is opening back up again - and with “revenge travel” trending many people will be making up for those missed vacations. But with airfare and gas prices at an all time high, staying somewhat local is sure to offset your expenses. Look for areas you haven't yet explored, free activities like art fairs or concerts. A roller rink you’ve never visited. A new waterpark that just opened. Look at your city with fresh eyes and seek out the fun without spending a fortune.

 Pro Tip: Plan ahead by stocking up on snack items using cash back offers at the grocery store to avoid paying premium prices at convenience stores, concession stands, and amusement parks

 3.     Relax your meal-planning and lean into the summer theme. Save money by simplifying your meal-planning, adding cash back offers to your shopping trips, and looking for sales on seasonal items. Throw burgers, hot dogs, veggies, and even fruit (watermelon!) on the grill a few nights each week and take a break from overheating your kitchen. Pack dinner up in a picnic basket and head to the beach, a park...or even your own backyard!

 4.     Hit up farmers markets. There are so many wins with this: You’re supporting local businesses. You’re buying what’s in season, which is typically cheaper. You’re getting outside (how many of us have become homebodies since 2020?). Plus, it’s a fun thing to do with the family—and a great place to begin teaching your kids about money. Give them a small amount to spend and show them how to get the most bang for their buck each week at the market.

 5.     Plan to buy any big purchases on a tax-free weekend. Check to see if your state (or one near you) offers a tax-free weekend and wait to make any large purchases (a computer, for example) during that time.

 6.   Declutter your home with a digital garage sale. Apps like Facebook Marketplace, VarageSale and OfferUp make it easier than ever to get get cash for items you no longer need. You’re likely to find more buyers online which speeds up the process of better organizing your own space - to help your home feel brand new!

 7.     Host “Car Wash Sundays.” Save on pricey car washes this summer by hosting a car wash in your driveway and getting your whole family in on the action. You can even open it up to your neighbors, either as a kind gesture, a way to raise money for a local nonprofit (“$5 donation to the local animal rescue shelter”), or a fun little money-maker for your kids. Again, this not only saves you money, but creates an opportunity to talk to your kids about money—and about giving back.

 With a little creativity, savvy shopping, and smart money moves, you can keep your cool all summer long - even with inflation!


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