Sunday, October 03, 2021

The Day Time Stopped

The Day Time Stopped
By Flavia Ruotolo

In different time zones but at the same single moment on Earth this brightly colored book hops across the globe to deliver a simple but profound message about diversity. 

One afternoon in Italy, a little girl is about to take a bite of her delicious popsicle when time . . . stops. At that very moment, across the planet, people and animals are frozen in action--captured by this book's warm, quirky illustrations and clever, time-stamped captions. A penguin hatches in South Georgia; a little girl gets a haircut in Brazil; a family sits down to breakfast in California; a tiger falls asleep in Bangladesh; a boy's football ball gets stuck in a tree in Cape Verde. The sheer enormity of planet Earth can be impossible for young kids to grasp. Here, in this playful introduction to time zones, hemispheres, and life in different climates, kids will identify with all the ordinary things going on at the same time in our extraordinary world.

I read this to my class after covering E for earth and making an earth craft. 

It’s a big world and it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that time zones are different around the world. My class loved the simple illustrations and I loved a visual way to explain how the earth is so big that it might be morning here and evening there depending on where you live on the earth 🌎 but as big as the planet is we are all still Earthlings. #childrensbooks #childrensbookillustration


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