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Diary Of A Beautiful Disaster by Kristin Bartzokis

March 21, 2017
Diary of A Beautiful Disaster
KiCam Projects
192 pages, with 8page photo insert
Paperback, $18.95
SELFHELP/ Motivational & Inspirational

She had just scored a perfect 10 on her floor exercise routine, but Kristin Bartzokis stood stoically before the screaming crowd.

For Kristin, this moment of perfection was something she always knew she could achieve. She’d been raised to live without limitations, and she’d adopted a determination to stay strong and unemotional, no matter what.

Born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a facial abnormality, Kristin learned at an early age the importance of strength- strength when confronted with multiple surgeries, strength when confronted with stares and questions, and strength when confronted with the constant knowledge that you will never look, or be, like everyone else.

Kristin Bartzokis’ life story is one of achievement and inspiration, an example of an unbreakable spirit and unwavering fortitude. No matter what life has thrown at Kristin, she has turned challenges into triumphs and used obstacles as stepping stones.

Diary of a Beautiful Disaster empowers readers to embrace their own uniqueness and boldly go forth into the world being exactly who they are. Kristin reminds us that although life can be complicated and messy, it is always, above all, beautiful. 

The 411:

This is a moving book by an inspiring young woman who strives to help others understand her story and other's who may have facial abnormalities or just not fit into what "society" deems as beautiful. We are all beautiful and if you are like me you can see the beauty where sometimes others fail to. Kristin story gives background to her beginnings and life while providing an education for those who may not know what Treacher Collins Syndrome is. It was interesting to read how Kristin deals with staring, and the challenges of being accepted by her peers while staying positive through it all.

 My kids and I read Wonder this past Summer which was about a boy named Auggie who had Treacher Collins Syndrome and this was the first time I had ever heard of it.  Treacher Collins Syndrome is very rare and effects only about 1 out of 50,000 births and effects facial bone development including cheeks, jaw and ears. Babies born with Treacher Collins need to have their hearing checked early so hearing aids can be used as early as possible.

Kristin's story is given from her prospective but also includes pages of journaling provided by her parents. It was so hard reading some of the entries especially during the first surgery. I cannot imagine the fear.  Kristin's parents made sure their daughter grew up like everyone else. Kristin excelled in gymnastics, had many friends and while she struggled to not compare herself to others (who doesn't?) she never gave up doing her very best and being the best she can be. This is something we should all do!  If the rest of the world was more accepting of people's differences what a wonderful world this would be.

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