Saturday, December 09, 2017

Reasons to Call an Electrician

It only takes a few years before a home needs some electrical repairs. Electrical codes that govern how electrical wiring is installed in newer homes are designed to keep a home safe. Unfortunately, older homes do not have these electrical upgrades. It’s important for homeowners to keep up with changes made with the goal of keeping their family safe. There are some things that homeowners, especially those who live in older homes, can look for as a sign that they may want to talk to an electrician.

In older homes, it is not uncommon for electrical circuits to trip frequently. If this happens, it means that more current is passing through the circuits in the home than the home can safely manage. This also means that there might be some faults in the circuits that could present some potential dangers. Electricians can review the quality of the existing electrical system and make recommendations about improvements.

Another problem that may happen in homes with inadequate electrical wiring is that when certain appliances are activated, there is a drop in the electricity in the home. For example, this can happen when the air-conditioner is turned on or when a hairdryer is used. If small appliances are causing these problems to happen, an electrician may recommend the installation of a 20 amp line to improve the stability of the electricity in the home.

Some homes were not designed with enough electrical outlets. So when you look at the electrical outlet, you see that there are multiple multi-receptacle add-ons. These add-ons are used by the homeowners to allow them to plug in more devices. However, these add-ons are pushing the capacity of the home’s electrical system beyond what it was designed to bear. An electrician can help to restore order and safety to the home.

A lot of older homes have two-pronged outlets. Some may think that this is just a minor inconvenience, but actually it means that the home’s electrical system is not grounded. An electrical system that is not grounded is not safe and could lead to potentially fatal electrical shocks. It is definitely a good idea to have an electrician review these and set up a grounding system.

Some outlets or switches might feel warm to the touch. If so, a Ponte Vedra electrician should review them. This is especially true if there is blackening on the switch plate or on the wall. If a switch gives a mild shock, it could be a complicated and potentially dangerous problem that needs to be fixed.

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